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The action or reaction lacks an outlet. Remembering that the key when dealing with the Cardinal Grand Cross is to be alert to the stressors and how those stressors relate to one's identity. Maintaining a sense of focus on the "prize" while acknowledging that there is an action needed in order to express the self and uniqueness of the self makes it less difficult to make decisions.

The Fixed signs are focused on the questions of self-worth. The focus gets directed based on whether the individual has the ability to acknowledge the worth of the self and mastery Taurus , creativity and spirit Leo , vulnerability and trust Scorpio , and humanity and brotherhood Aquarius.

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The main purpose of the Fixed signs is to uphold and maintain the activity that the Cardinal signs created and initiated. The Fixed signs are not ready to "move" from the course of action taken and may resist any efforts to implement change. When the Fixed Cross is activated by transiting aspects, the tendency is for the four planets to hold their course and resist outside pressures for change.

Resistance seems to be the main energy of the Fixed Grand Cross in an effort to carry on or maintain homeostasis, rather than flow with an energy that might change the course.

On the other hand, when the Fixed Cross individual does initiate action, it can be exceedingly difficult to stop the momentum. The Fixed Cross is like a locomotive - slow to start but once in motion, stays on track and is exceedingly difficult to stop until it has run its course.

The self-worth of the Fixed Grand Cross develops unconsciously, for better or for worse. The value that the individual has of the self will be exhibited in their self-esteem.

The challenge for the individual with a Fixed Grand Cross is to find the ability to allow flexibility into their activities and to share their accomplishments with others. Mutable signs are focused on healing and reasoning. The focus gets directed based on whether the individual has the ability to integrate thoughts and feelings Gemini , organized concepts and healing Virgo , diversity and wisdom Sagittarius , compassion and spirit Pisces.

Mutable signs, similar to Cardinal signs, are easily scattered and disjointed when under pressure. While Fixed signs have no difficulty staying focused, the main challenge for individuals with a Mutable Grand Cross can be the inability to gather their thoughts into a collective cohesion of ideas.

Learning how to sustain a sense of balance and coordination should be the Mutable Grand Cross individual's goal. The Mutable Grand Cross individuals gain the most when they learn how to juggle their activities while maintaining a sense of consistency relative to the planetary placements in their chart.

The Grand Cross or Grand Square as a Supportive Structure

The inclination of the Mutable signs is to remain adaptable and flexible. When transiting aspects trigger the Mutable Grand Cross, the impulse of the four planetary energies is to transform; to adjust, and to avoid any obstacle that has just been placed before it.

The four energies scatter in different directions in an disconcerted effort to find homeostasis. The problem is not in the desire to change. The problem arises from the non-unified reactions of the planets T-Square The T-Square consists of three planets in the same modes qualities that include two squares and one opposition.

Cardinal Grand Cross and T squares

A T-Square is similar to a Grand Cross, but is missing a 4th planet. Because of this, the T-Square functions differently than the Grand Cross. The T-Square is less stable; all of the pressure is placed on the planet that receives the two squares, the apex planet.

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On the other hand, T-Squares have a built-in focus planet, which the Grand Cross lacks. The focal planet or the Apex can often become dynamic and an important motivating factor for the individual. People with many squares in their horoscope, however, if they work hard enough at overcoming the conflicts thus involved, are said to be able to achieve remarkable personal growth and self-fulfillment.

When one of the four signs of any modality or quality does not contain any planet - or only contains planets that would be out of orb for a Grand Cross - then a T-Square is said to be formed.

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The energy of T-Square is similar to a Grand Cross, but it is much weaker because it involves only three planets; in which two of them form an opposition and a square with the third. Due to lesser energy emitted by the T-Square, individuals with this planetary configuration feel that there is something lacking and therefore have to supply what they think is lacking for better integration of their personality.

Filling the gap posed by the T-Square in their personal makeup is the solution to take control of the stressful energies of this aspect and channel them into constructive use. Many successful professionals and otherwise outstanding people often have this configuration in their chart. This was assumed by astrologers studying mundane astrology that it would be a time with many great challenges and dramatic changes.

This aspect resembled a T-Square that occurred during the s. Another way to picture it is two pairs of planets in opposition. In the natal chart at the upper right, see the giant red "X" or cross formed in the middle? That's a Grand Cross! It even looks scary! Whose birth chart is that, anyway?

It belongs to a man born to two students and given up for adoption, a self-made billionaire without a college degree, whose genius you benefit from every day: Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs, born Feb. Can we call him terribly unlucky? And below is another Grand Cross birth chart.

This one is more easily visualized as a Grand Square marked in red. Remember, the Cross and Square are the same. Who could this suffering soul be? This is jazz musician Miles Davis, whose trumpet playing and musical experiments, including the invention of jazz-rock fusion, made him one of the most famous and influential musicians of all time.

His birthday was May 26, Would we call his life one long crisis and a waste?

First of all, let's drop the "bad luck" definition. These men, born gifted, made themselves very rich, although neither was a particularly good businessman. They were creatives, idea people. They let others handle the business end. Jobs had his ups and downs, at times losing billions, and once was ejected from his own company.

People do point out that Jobs got a rare pancreatic cancer and died at age That was unlucky, right? Yes, but it is not the fault of his natal horoscope. A natal horoscope is about the individual's life and personality and opportunities, not about death.

Nothing in anybody's natal chart predicts or guarantees an early death, not even the "unlucky" Grand Cross. One-third of all U. He said, "You don't design a product. Design is the product. The natal Grand Cross gives the individual the power to focus intently on one goal, and that is one definition of genius. Miles Davis, who was African-American, led a more conflicted life.

The son of a wealthy dentist, he learned early about racial prejudice and hated it fiercely. He became addicted to drugs, then quit them, but sobriety didn't keep him from being temperamental, treating friends and fans badly and taking wild chances with his art and reputation. His friends, to this day, remark that he was an extreme Gemini, a Jekyll-and-Hyde type focused entirely on music.

An album he released in , Kind of Blue , more than 50 years later is ranked on Amazon. He is quoted as saying, "Don't be afraid of mistakes. Davis didn't lead an easy life but it wasn't a tragic one. His Grand Cross kept him focused on the one thing that meant the most to him.

Grand cross (astrology)

Real tragedy burdened the movie star who was born less than a week later, on June 1, , when the Grand Cross configuration was no longer in the sky. That was Marilyn Monroe. You can see from Monroe's chart at right how the "Grand Square" that was in effect at Davis's birth has, six days later, "fallen apart" at one corner.