Leo yes, I do believe. May 20, Messages: Although I know a few of my friends believe in it. I'm not sure why.. Dec 30, Messages: I don't believe in most of it, because the description of my sign isn't really like me.

I like to see if it's supposed to be a good day or not.

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I mean it's almost never right, but it's just a way of me feeling better about the next day. I usually read my horoscope on http: I always read 'Tomorrow' the night before. And I read Yahoo for my dailies, weeklies and monthlies on Sundays.

I read my the ones for each day all in a row because they're available. And the site I liked about finding out about my sign is astrostyle.

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  • Babyjustrun , Jun 17, Jun 13, Messages: I believe in some of it. I like to look up my horoscope for the day or the next day. Meep , Jun 17, Jan 3, Messages: Taurus, and I don't believe it at all Apr 5, Messages: I am A Sagatarious. Jul 15, Messages: I'm a virgo and for the most part I'm not like it.

    The problem was, no one else had ever been Art's position before: The Division was an interesting one too: Paul had his voice, his guitar and most importantly his songs and was always going to sound something like his old Simon and Garfunkel self, simply because the duo expressed his own inner writing voice; by contrast Art could sing the telephone directory and make it pretty and the sky really was the limit.

    But should there be a limit? Should he stick with the work of one writer the way he had with Paul and to some extent will in the late s with Jimmy Webb? Or should he work with a series of writers and work an album of quite different material together like a patchwork quilt and hope to join it up at the end? Should Art prove that he was more than just a singer of 'pretty' songs?

    Art stumbled on for the first three or four songs, rather unsure of himself and admitting later than he was taking longer and longer on his lunch breaks to avoid the awful moment of knuckling back to work and having to face the prospect of abandoning the album partway through. But then he found a breakthrough, contacting Jimmy Webb and asking his advice: Building up this series of songs allowed Arty to see how big and powerful a solo album could be, a world away from the small and tiny recording studio he went to everyday.

    If you're a casual fan of Art Garfunkel then you're probably expecting me to say that Arty went for making the 'hits' and the sort of radio-friendly soft-rock ballads he made his name with. Yes the orchestrations are as 'heavy' as ever, Arty sings with the voice of an angel and the album is decidedly top-heavy in the ballads department.

    But 'Angel Clare' is not a 'simple' record by any means. The song does contain Art's first hit Jimmy Webb's superior ballad 'All I Know' and it's as good a pop concoction as any in his future canon.

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    But the rest of the album is decidedly dangerous - certainly a lot more subversive than anything on Paul Simon's first LP for anyone keeping score - and contains references to murder, blood, death, hanging and loneliness, all of which only ended up being played on the radio when someone like Johnny Cash was singing them.

    Notably there are no graceful epic torch songs like 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', no great statements of faith 'I love you and that's all I know' is about the closest the album comes to commitment and none of the big empty space 'noodling' of Arty's other big moment from 'Bridge', 'So Long Frank Lloyd Wright', all of which might have been a more assured way of being certain of success.

    Arty's unique gift is that he can take all the horrors of the world away and replace them with purity and love, an ability he's always had but which really comes into play on this debut LP.

    Well, 'Angel Clare' is the next best thing - a series of dark and often depressing songs not unlike those from his 'other' dark album, 's 'Scissors Cut' sung as beautifully as they could possibly be sung.

    Unfortunately for Arty, he seems to have been cleverer with his idea than he expected: Instead people tend to think of this record as being as glossy as all the others, albeit with a couple of rather unsettling moments.

    And yet I'd stake my Simon and Garfunkel box set that this is what was in his mind as he was making it. For example, the ever literate Garfunkel gave fans a 'clue' as to what the album was about with it's very title. When Thomas Hardy gave the name 'Angel Clare' to the second-most important figure in 'Tess Of The D'Urbervilles' he was being ironic, giving the nicest name he possibly could to trying to the respectable, honourable Reverend's son and making his later 'fall' in the reader's eyes all the more shocking.

    Poor Tess discovers too late that Clare is only an 'Angel' in a very narrow sense going to church, being polite to all the local noblemen: Arty is delivering his 'fall' in his listener's ears in 'reverse' - challenging head on the notion that an angelic singer with an angelic voice can only record angelic songs. Just listen to three of the scariest moments on the album: There is another clue in the album cover though: Art is staring at the album, near-face on, with a quizzical expression on his place and on first appearance looks smart its probably co-incidental but it's not far off the full-on shot of Paul on the cover of his first record, albeit not quite as smiley.

    But have a good look at that cover - a really good look. Paul's shirt has a hole in it, on his right hand shoulder ie left when you look at the record , just below the cover I didn't notice it for years, but then I did own this album on cassette first before I bought it on vinyl and my eyesight's not as good at that size!

    This album isn't as smart and polished as it sounds on first hearing thanks to the glossy production - instead the darker, seamier or should that be unseamier? Take a good half of the material on the album.

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    Even 'Another Lullaby' is trying to lull a baby to sleep despite the knowledge that a disaster is going to arrive any second and even if the baby gets any sleep you know reading between the lines that the parent never will.

    But even that song makes it clear that the destination is not at all happy cosy or safe.

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    Later Garfunkel albums will be genuinely happy, upbeat affairs that don't need to add any darker edges until the sorry saga over Laurie Bird, covered in our review for 'Scissors Cut' anyway , but by Garfunkel standards 'Angel Clare' is the musical equivalent of that nice hot relaxing bath you're already half into before you've discovered the hot water taps stopped working or settling down to watch an interesting looking programme that then gets cancelled at the last minute, like BBC4 did with their 'Rolling Stones' night the other week or perhaps picking up the comfortable, smart jacket that suddenly develops a hole Another theme of the record is moving on and not being sure whether to regret the fact or not.

    Strangely most critics seem to miss this point too, even though 'Angel Clare' starts off with the wandering vagabond 'Travelling Boy' and with the exception of closer 'Another Lullaby' ends with 'Barbara Allen', one of Arty's favourite folk songs, where the title character's lover dies pining for her and the pair wait to be reunited from their different realms.

    The Simon and Garfunkel split must have been sitting over the shoulders of Art and Jimmy when they debated the songs for this album and there are lots of references to having to move on to somewhere new, even when you don't want to contrast with Paul's first album, which is more about 'freedom' but does take time to note that reunion 'is only a motion away'.

    Some bands can split and depending how they came together the members in them barely even notice: Did Geri Halliwell give two hoots about the other Spice Girls until the Olympics came a-calling?! Paul and Arty, though, had been school friends and had known each other more than 20 years by the year they both turned just 32 ,.


    They'd been virtually the only people they knew in their childhoods who shared the same passions music hadn't been that big in either the Simon or the Garfunkel families and both sets of parents were more amused than anything when their teenage sons started having hits as 'Tom and Jerry' and the cheerleaders for each other's talents within reason!

    Anyone who believes that Garfunkel was merely in the duo for the ride needs to read his sleeve notes to the pair's record 'Wednesday Morning 3 AM' released years before the duo were famous, in which Art's enthusiasm and passion spills out.

    There's a big hole in both Simon and Garfunkel's first solo albums that neither of them can fill, even though they finds ways to manage later: Both men work with close friend and engineer Roy Halee, which undoubtedly helped, but he'd only known the pair for eight years and shared the teenage bond they both shared.

    Arty's meant to be singing about a romance when he sings the album's most quoted lined from hit single 'All I Know': But I wonder if his mind strayed, if just for a second, to the missing figure who wasn't there sharing the mike with him that day.

    One thing Arty probably didn't miss was Paul's dominance of the material the pair sung. He'd been trying to get versions of traditional folk tales 'Barbara Allen' and 'Feuilles-Oh' into the duo's albums for years you can hear the pair doing a very rushed sounding version of the former song as a bonus track on the 'Sounds Of Silence' CD and 'Feuilles-Oh' was Garfunkel's attempt at providing the contentious '12th song' on 'Bridge Over Troubled Water; Paul hated it and wanted to record his own political rant 'Cuba Si, Nixon No' instead - in the end the duo compromised by letting the album out without either song and reduced to just 11 tracks; Paul must have softened his stance as a demo version turned up as a bonus track on 'Bridge' - we're still waiting for the first official appearance of 'Cuba'.

    It makes sense that Arty should include both songs here as he can do what he wants for the first time, although as might be expected neither version comes close to what the pair sang together, even in slapdash form Arty needs Paul's weightier, more awkward tones for his innocent part on 'Feuilles-Oh' to sound quite so golden and delicious, which may be the reason Paul rejected it as it doesn't cast him in a good vocal light; the decision to add that eerie Bach-based middle eight in a 'Scarborough Fair-Canticle' type contrast is as good a substitute as any Art could have made but still not quite as successful.

    In other ways Art should have been having the time of his life. And yet if you read this album's lyrics admittedly none of them written by Garfunkel but all of them chosen by him you wouldn't think that this was a man in love: Barbara Allen is a love the narrator can never have, 'Willow Garden' plots the murder of the girl in the song, 'Travelling Boy' is apologetic for pretending to be in love but he's really not the 'settling type'.

    Only 'All I Know' and 'Mary Was An Only Child' are the expected 'love' songs you'd expect Art to be singing and which he'll make his name with later in the decade but neither of them are 'normal' love songs at all: Either way, it's her ability to outshine her dark background that makes her special in this song.

    To quote from a future Paul Simon song, that sure don't feel like love. My main objection to these things is that while they are entertaining, they really have nothing to do with astrology.

    'Change Partners' - The Alan's Album Archives Guide To CSN/Y Is Available Now!

    Yet the publications in which they appear carry no disclaimers, and no information that would draw readers to learn more. We are fortunate that the internet gives anyone the opportunity to share their own astrological views with the world.

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    • As I write this our astrobloggers group has members, all of whom can put their work out there for the international public to find and enjoy. To put a positive spin on this, the magazine did use real natal charts and not just sun sign astrology in their articles, according to Jeffrey. Glad you wrote this.

      Of course that eliminates most lay people who read their horoscopes …: I read my Daily Horoscope, by Jonathon Cainer, in fact, as a sort of overview for the day. Had my first actual natal chart done by Rick Levine, and learned the difference after a reading.

      I feel part of the reason astrology is disregarded is because people mainly associate it with sun sign horoscopes, instead of an in-depth chart. I read the weekly forecasts by Marina Partridge on: Plus she is really good with the significance of asteroids and Lilith.