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    Browse by Year [X] Close Window Hudson Valley Events submit event Events. In today's world, human deals with tons of stress in… Posted by CharlesWorsley on December 21, Re: Posted by CharlesWorsley on December 21, Re: Omohan herbal medicine is a good remedy… Posted by jennifer morg on December 18, Re: Nadine Boughton—The Modess Women.

    Bop Island Jazz Fest Performers. Doors may open closer to home than you think. Don't hesitate to activate a favorably placed family connection. Co-rulers Saturn and Uranus in an Earth Trine ground you in practical wisdom and real-world capabilities, equipping you to make a tangible change with your recently upgraded wisdom.

    Normally comfortable with the theoretical, you now crave corporeal reality, giving form and function to your dreams. Don't let fear of imperfection discourage you from experimenting; finding out what works best for you is sometimes a messy process.


    Fast-track the sensitive and insightful partner who holds space for their own vulnerability as well as your own. You communicate best in the realm of feelings. Some of your best speeches have been entirely silent, made up only of gazes, caresses, and sighs.

    Mercury's trine to Neptune in Pisces on October puts the very words into your mouth you've so longed to say. Those feelings you assume everyone must be aware of are not all that obvious.

    Simply because you can read everybody else's mind doesn't mean they can read yours. Monthly October Astrology Forecast: Roap Map to Intimacy May Contain Detours The Sun in Venus-ruled Libra through October 23 challenges us to maintain our balance when Venus in Mars-ruled Scorpio begins her retrograde on October 5, tossing aside a slightly wilted bouquet and kicking a box of semi-stale chocolates to the curb.

    It's time to cut the romance and get real, and in this case "real" means really honest—with ourselves and with our partners. Retrograde Venus in Scorpio is the revealer of secrets: Launch a preemptive strike by truth-telling on your own terms.

    Passionate Mars in idealistic Aquarius throughout the month challenges us to declare what we would risk in the name of love. The roadmap to intimacy runs through danger zones. Without a sense of safety, there can be no trust.

    Without trust, there can be no intimacy. Yet intimacy is the energetic goal this month—achievable if we're willing to dirty our hands in the loamy soil of our own fundamental fears. Mercury square Pluto on October 2 in Cardinal signs Libra and Capricorn may create verbal power struggles and communicative control issues.

    Mercury's opposition to Uranus on October 10 yields surprise announcements, while Venus and Mars squared in the Fixed Signs of Scorpio and Aquarius prompts stubbornness: The New Moon in Libra on the October 8 births new partnerships, the Full Moon in Taurus on October 24 defines roles and delineates resources within the relationship.

    Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio between October 9 and 30 invites you to dive for buried treasures: You'll emerge with handfuls of glittering jewels: Prove you are trustworthy by fiercely guarding the tender heart placed in your care.

    Monthly September Astrology Forecast: When life has been hitting you over the head with a 2x4, it feels so good when the beatings stop! August's rough retrograde ride gives way to graduated relief in September as Saturn and later Pluto station direct in Capricorn, and Mars's capricious retrograde becomes just an object in the rearview mirror, receding from view and memory as he speeds direct in Aquarius after September The sense of load-lightening even extends to September's portion of the upcoming transit of Venus through Scorpio.

    The pleasure planet hurls through sexually powerful Scorpio beginning September 9, and including a retrograde period October 5—November 16 with a dip back into Libra October 31—December 1 continues through early January of Venus in Scorpio goes where no Venus dares to go before, or after.

    The deepest depths and the highest heights are Scorpio's territory. Candy and flowers be damned—Scorpio settles for nothing less than heart's blood. If you've been ambivalent about a love or lukewarm with your former passion, Venus in Scorpio will test your last measure of devotion to determine whether it is eternal or merely temporal.

    The new Moon in Virgo joins Mercury in his home sign on September 9, prompting confession, soul cleansing, and recalibrating direction.

    Those Peter Pans who flee to Neverland hoping to escape responsibility miss the most profound challenge of all: The autumnal equinox on September 22 in diplomatic, graceful Libra turns the seasonal tide in the direction of hope—watch it rise with the full harvest Moon in bold, brave Aries on September 24, pouring the healing light of renewed strength in weary hearts, encouraging childlike faith and rewarding adultlike courage.

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