On the 17th, your ruling planet Mercury moves into Pisces for a couple weeks, activating a busy period for your career. With the sun following suit the next day, your focus will be pretty much trained on your work life, so hopefully you had a chance to travel during the first half of the month.

Watch out for fuzzy thinking related to your career objectives on the 25th, as well as some possible verbal disagreements on the 28th. The lunar eclipse on Jan. Where in the world will you escape to with that tax return sitting in your pocket?

Best to dream of faraway places in broad, visionary strokes during the Pisces moon, which lasts from late Feb. Aquarius season in general might have you dealing with all sorts of touchy, intimate questions that you might normally avoid, but that can be heavy work, and dreaming of an escape will help lighten your mood when it starts to feel like too much.

Venus and Mercury will also be in this part of your chart by then, helping you charm your way through foreign places and connect verbally with the people you meet — as well as make some serious headway on your language studies.

This is probably music to your ears, Leo, but all eyes are on you as we enter February.

Aries Weekly Horoscope from 15th October - 22nd October

The lunar eclipse that happened on Jan. Most of the eclipses in also occurred right on your doorstep, and perhaps that was merely a continuation of this narrative.

Either way, you may very well look and feel like a brand new person, and this new you might be dying to visit places and learn languages that were never on the radar for the old you.

Still, the first half of February will also put relationships and other people front and center, and you might turn a new leaf with your significant other leading up to the solar eclipse on the 15th — maybe as a result of your mini personal revolution? Hopefully, this person is someone you can grow and travel together with.

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You might stumble upon a brilliant idea or solution to feed your own restless wanderlust and keep your bae happy around the 13th, and the Aries moon on the 18th and 19th will be perfect for planning your next adventure.

Your ruler, the sun, also moves into Pisces on the 18th, ushering in a month of relinquishing your own ego to the beck and call of greater intimacy with yourself and others.

Hopefully, this coincided with a relaxing vacation or a restorative mental health day, because by all other accounts, this stands to be a fairly busy month for you.

If you happen to be traveling, expect to at least be doing some remote work poolside, or keeping up with your exercise routine abroad. February opens with both Venus and the sun in your romance and creativity sector, making you even more predisposed to seek out the cultural and artsy attractions your sophisticated sign loves.

Just watch out for an indulgent streak on Feb. Though the first half of February will definitely find you in more of a freewheeling party mode, you might be dealing with some of the fallout from the Jan.


Your network can easily help or hinder your efforts to see the world, and this month, you might find yourself looking for a new group to flock with. A solar eclipse on the 15th might bring an exhilarating breath of fresh air to your dating life, your creativity, or your relationship to pleasure in general.

Your ruling planet, Venus, will move into Pisces on the 10th, followed by the sun on the 18th. These next few weeks will largely be about attending to the nitty-gritty aspects of your day-to-day routine, whipping yourself back into shape health-wise, and staying on track with your chores and to-dos, regardless of what corner of the world you happen to be in.

You cannot singlehandedly solve problems or create solutions for big societal issues. However, you can connect with others, gather with friends, pray, and do at least one thing in your everyday life to make a difference in the world.

When the Sun is in Aquarius, we feel more compelled to see beyond our individual lives and contribute to the whole, but we get to this point by more intensely feeling our passion and experiencing a heart expansion.

From within, love radiates out. Sometimes, though, you tire of this game and desire to get real. If so, I have a good forecast for you!

Stop the chase for a moment, stand still, and focus your intention on your ultimate goal. You want to love with passion in a relationship that makes you feel free, right?

You truly can have this; maybe you already do.

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In fact, we often become stuck by our own limitations and not by the demands of our partners. This happens through a process of projection and transference. When you can find your part of the equation, you can begin to experience a new kind of freedom in love.

Because you can have what you want, let anything not aligned with you fall away. You get to be discriminating. Take risks, activate your courage, and say what you need to speak but may have been holding back.

Weekly Horoscope: February 9th – February 15th

The New Moon on February 15 highlights friendships; if you are single, go out and have a blast celebrating your free spirit.

So many people love you. Your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances make up a huge interlocking web of which you are a part. When you are in a state of receptivity, willing to allow others into your life in generous ways, you are activating a high octave of your ruling planet, Venus.

In those times, you have magnetic energy, and you can attract almost any experience of love, abundance, success, and joy into your life.

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This month, your ruling planet is in the sweet sign of Pisces, which means that magnetic attraction is at a high point for the year. So, what do you want to receive? Ask, and allow it to flow into your life from other people and the divine.

Drop your shields, those coping strategies you have that keep you busy and even a little distracted from your deeper feelings.

Weekly Horoscope: February 9th - February 15th – Metropolis Magazine

Surrender to the will of the divine working its magic in your life. This means let down your guard down and consider allowing someone into your life in a deeper way. Feel your heart stretch open a little wider. If you have previously resisted love and happiness for fear of commitment, perhaps? You have jumped over hurdles to get to this point, and you are ready for something meaningful and real.

The trials of the past few years offered you clarity, and you know what you want. If you are in a relationship, you may be led to make decisions this month, maybe even declarations of love.

Time is of the essence. What do you have to lose? If you are single, the process of surrender could lead you closer to manifesting true love. Love is taking you to new heights this month as you soar up beyond anything you imagined possible. If you are single and want that to change, set your sights higher, and manifest from that place.

You are on a spiritual journey, and the desire for love will compel you forward on that path. Let go of the past, including any regrets, disappointments, or resentment. These energies just weigh you down. Have faith in positive outcomes, and keep looking at the sky for inspiration, guidance, and direction.

Release fears, especially those feelings of lack. There are enough love and abundance to go around. You can have it all. With Venus in dreamy Pisces, you might even feel a little more romantic this month. See what happens when you keep lifting? The New Moon on February 15 happens to be a powerful eclipse in your seventh house of partnership, and this influence helps usher in a whole new chapter in your love life.

What can you do to prepare? Define your relationship goals, clarify your intentions for your love life, and listen to your heart. If you feel stuck within your current relationship, you might benefit from readjusting your attitude. Focus on the positive aspects of your partnership, and witness an immediate shift in the way your partner responds to you.

You may be at a breaking point, but you can at least try to tell yourself a new story and see what difference it makes. Your soul is on a big evolutionary path, thanks to the eclipse activating your opposite sign. There is a beginning of steady increase in income as you start a new venture.

Beware of a thankless person at work. You establish professional and personal stability.

Continue being creative and working hard to maintain the foundation you have built. Personal relationships are supportive. Stick to routines and established relationships, as you need that familiar rhythm.

February 9th to February 15th

Natural forces seem to veer your destiny in a different direction as now you have to be in tune with your truths, feelings and priorities. You can no longer play roles and be restricted by them. Attempt difficult tasks and encounter tough people.

Deep feelings in relationships are shared and expressed. You spend quality time with family and friends.

February Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

A socially scintillating day as you make an impact on people you meet for the first time. You are masterful at work.

A journey is on the cards! Earthy matters need to be resolved with time and energy, as they cannot be ignored any further.

Challenges thrive and you need to be confident. Relationships are loving, providing a silver lining to dark clouds. Act now with purpose and strength.