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Or sure and not certain of what you want to do about it? This may not just have affected your love life but also your relationship to your money may also have been an area affected.

The reason for all of this has of course been your ruler Venus, retrograde through its ruling 7 th and into your 6 th of work and also wellbeing.

As the Venus retro has progressed , it should have shown you the need to create balance in these areas. December begins with you looking at how you have achieved that or what truly now needs to be done as Venus now direct angles at the North Node in your 4 th. This is all about your long term security whether it boils down to being loved-up or your financial stability.

The universe asks you: Watch for this around the third week in the month. Remember, Venus is in retrograde shadow still and will remain so until early in the New Year. Until then, expect more rocking back and forth. But provided the decisions you make are made with love — or self-love, at their heart, then you can rest assured the outcome will be for the best.

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Deals and negotiations may also follow the same pattern as Mercury, planet of contracts, business and communication has also been in retrograde and heads direct in your 7 th from the 6 th. Be aware that Mercury will also be in retrograde shadow until the 24 th so nothing may be signed, sealed or delivered before then.

Some may decide the bed is ideal, others may prefer another bed while some of you sleeping alone could be using this time to get very clear about the type of partner they want to share a bed with in the future. No matter what situation you are attempting to bring balance to, I can tell you that when it comes to making changes, procrastination is not your friend.

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This is your new Moon of change and also meaning. By that, I mean to bring new meaning into a key area of your life. This is your house of what goes on below, your fears, your subconscious desires and this Moon invites you to bring these into the light and own them.

It offers you the chance to slip free of an old issue simply by outgrowing it — and making that change you may otherwise fear. What you deny or do not want to own or admit to — in this lies your beauty and your strength.

Looked at this way — make the change that may initially rock that boat or even that bed!

Aquarius - Horoscope - by Michele Knight

Initiate this as Mercury re-enters your 8 th from the 12 th and on the 16 th , ruler Venus makes a fabulous, releasing angle to Saturn in your 9 th setting you free from something that may have confined you in the long term. As we head into the holiday season someone or something from your past could re-appear or be rekindled for you as ruler Venus aligns to Neptune in your social and goals sector.

Unexpected encounters or even opportunities could emerge pointing you towards Be open-minded and flexible and understand there may be more going on now than meets the eye.

There are no coincidences — only forces at work in the cosmos we have yet to understand. But sometimes we just have to accept this and go with them. This could be one of those times.

The Sun enters your 9 th bringing us the solstice on the 21sts also and a renewed commitment on your part to your personal freedom.

Your increased confidence now makes any decisions easy. The full Moon in your 3 rd on the 22 nd marks the point where you confront something that needs to be said.

This does not mean that the holidays are taking on a serious cast however! This is a full Moon under which to travel to see loved ones or spend the holidays away from home.

It promises invitations, lots of comings and goings and neighbours and siblings if you have them, may play a role here. Talks of Christmas past, present and yet to come feature as does enjoying shared entertainment and good times which just emphasise the spirit of the season. This full Moon is about being in the moment and enjoying the here and now.

Your values, money, assets and again, what you share with others all comes into focus too around this time as for the first time in 12 years, Mercury and Jupiter meet in your 8 th on the same day as the full Moon.

Powerful gains, letting go of something in order to accept something bigger, what you give and receive, what you owe and what others owe you will feature now. Remember, Mercury is in retrograde shadow for another three days.

The way forward may now be clear but try to delay signing on that dotted line until after the holidays when it will be out of retro shadow. This is your pivotal point of power as the year ends.

Your chance to make a big decision that frees you and propels you into something bigger for This could involve a payout, settlement, bonus or just you and someone close to you, deciding on a better way to work with what you have.

Scorpio horoscope 24 December 7 Jan 2019 Fantastic news!

The sum of the whole may be greater than the parts if so. Decisions stop the boat rocking so make them — with love, this December. Time to look at where imbalances have occurred in your relationships, money or even self-love.

Something needs to be brought out into the open for you and perhaps this is just you owning up to what you truly want and need, Taurus. January asks you to get to the bottom of something and also not to be afraid any more of upsetting the apple cart when it comes to owning up to what that big, sensual heart of yours desires.

And most probably also in ways that will cause the maximum disruption.

All about Capricorn

Unwrap those questions or true feelings like late Christmas gifts and share them. The key to making the most of this year will be flexibility. To be willing to change direction. To explore different options and different ways of doing things. To not to get too attached to plans and to go with the flow. For this year and the following six to come, sometimes you may feel that life has a strange and charmed direction all of its own.

And all you can do is go along for the ride. You are the leader of the soul evolution now Taurus. Expect radical changes to how you see and interact with the world, and perhaps even around your image and how you look.

Last year, you had a preview night in the astrological sense, of what this seven-year cycle may bring you as Uranus briefly entered your sign in May, turned retrograde in August, then re-entered Aries again in November.

This March however, it re-enters for the next seven years. Hang on to your hats because you are set to explore a wild new side of yourself — and your world! Look at alternatives — something which may or may not have occurred to you, in all areas of your life is going to feature as Uranus is not only the planet of the revolution, but also of our individuality.

Are you living your uniqueness? Showing the world what that is? Pay particular attention to this when ruler Venus arrives in your 1st on May 16 and meets Uranus on the This takes place just days after a new Moon in your sign on the 14th — a Moon which I can only describe as marking the point of a rebirth or reawakening for you and which could result in a whole new you with a new look at a new set of dreams to go with that.

The answer is there are now more alternatives available to you than you ever dreamed possible. But for you, it will feel all very up close and personal. However, you could be right where the smart money is at now provided you are ready to embrace that new value system.

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  • Which may be pretty well self-defined. Uranus rules the self-starter, the success story, the entrepreneur, the maverick, the rebel.

    The week ahead for aquarius

    But not in a way that breaks every rule. The rebel who plays by their own rules. Is this you now? As your values re-align to your true self, so will your priorities.

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    Which in turn will open up all those alternatives and possibilities for you. What is priceless for you? What cannot be bought and what are you willing to sell? And for how much? If you have been locked into a way of dealing with the material world, your money and investments that is not truly your own, then Uranus is about to shake you free of that.

    You currently have Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, sitting in your 8th of shared assets, loans, what you owe and are owed and corporate money. Now, Jupiter in our 8th is traditionally associated with a legacy. And of course, neither do we want the inevitable loss and pain that often accompanies this. Bear in mind that there is more than one kind of legacy.

    Receiving backing or support for your idea is a legacy — and you may be creating one of your own in the process. Your 8th is your house of power money so this can be you receiving a raise, salary increase or other benefits. Because Jupiter also rules philosophy and your belief system, your philosophy around money, wealth and your ability to attract it should also expand.

    Which basically puts us back to those values once more. If you are currently enjoying your sex life then Jupiter in here will have you exploring ways to make it even better.

    If your sex life has been meh or if you are in need to sexual healing, then Jupiter should bring you a lover who acts as your guide to a new world of sensual pleasure. There is one warning here, and that is this is your house of endings as well as rebirth. If a relationship has not been going well, Jupiter in here may well bring it to a close — especially when coupled with Uranus in your 1st.

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