Novile - 9th harmonic aspect

Yep, sorry, I meant to include that! I would agree with the orbs you have suggested.

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I think the orbs have to be very tight. How have you experienced them?

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I have a quote I have a hunch you may relate to: We do not tell a birch tree it should be more like an elm. We face it with no agenda, only an appreciation that becomes participation: Bella's Hair Salon Registered: Jul posted March 06, They are like mini-trines Novile readings here: Obtaining joy and peace from appreciation of self; rejoicing in one's ability to please and attract other people; tending to compacency about one's attractiveness.

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A common aspect among actors and performers with sex appeal. This makes a lot more sense to me in the context of growth: Yes, I have felt that I first had to learn to see myself in a more spiritual light, to even feel entitled to claim any kind of beauty, inner or outer.

With respect to outer beauty I think it's largely a matter of choice: Can be a way of expressing dignity in the case of a Capricorn sun, who wants that. Aug posted March 06, And I suppose they gain even more prominence when you look at them in the context of the 9th harmonic chart. I think the noviles, semisquares and such that get neglected are actually pretty potent.

So, in a literal sense, the effect their respective magnetic fields or energies have on each other must also be significant. Nov posted March 06, I have Pluto novile the north node and Mars novile neptune. Someone said that it means you let your intuition guide your actions ,i find that to be true IP: Originally posted by Elysia: I love this idea!!

Well that could explain why my Mars semisquare Saturn is so Tight, small, grinding annoyance, putting action to a halt many times. Mar posted March 06, My recent client has this novile 0'00 and she sends out massive care packages to people encouraging self care Yes semisquares are very powerful. Noviles are huge, they're just massive to me in terms of import.

I don't have many natally but again and again in synastry and composite I see the explaining things crystal clear that ought to be there and aren't shown elsewhere.

For instance in composite my lover and his waning recent love affair person complicated have Sun novile Venus. He and I have a good deal of noviles, his Sun novile my North Node is our tightest aspect When our relationship isn't vibrating as high it isn't s apparent but it is clear to me he's here to help in a big way. My Saturn novile his Midheaven means if we can shape up and do the hard work there will be a very concrete manifestation of prestige and all things Capricorn and Midheaven Uranus before I ran into Mars Registered: Jul posted March 07, Mars 00d Scorpio and Pluto 9 55 min d Sagittarius Wonder what this means.

Aug posted March 07, So yeah, you see what I mean..!

Astrological aspects definitions

I have Sun semi-square Venus, exact. Initially I almost completely disregarded it. But I stumbled onto an in-depth description and I was like, whoa. So, there definitely is something to these aspects after all.

Just as we are pulled through time toward what we are becoming, we are pulled to people whose energy will help us to become that.

This does not mean that our mate has to have a chart which exactly matches our ninth harmonic, but I have found that there is often a very strong resonance between the charts of people we are attracted to and our 9th harmonic.

Noviles « Alice Portman, Astrologer

Back to the novile: This aspect signifies energy that we are fostering in our being, energy that we need to make part of ourselves. I have Nepune novile Mars. I am learning to allow my actions Mars to be guided more and more by my intuition Neptune.

A significant concept to remember with noviles is that they have a quality of inevitability — they ARE your destiny. In other words, as time goes on the novile will manifest — one way or the other. Another example is my friend Sandra having Sun and Saturn novile Jupiter.

Whenever determining the power of an aspect, you always take into account which one is the closest.

Novile - 9th harmonic aspect - astrological aspect

So you go, girl! Posted by John Sandbach at 9: Anonymous November 6, at Ana Zumel January 17, at 5: JPR December 1, at The Childlike Empress August 11, at 2: Newer Post Older Post Home. The Department of M The Department of Effic The Department of Vitalit About Me John Sandbach I have been an astrologer and teacher of astrology and metaphysics for 42 years.

I am also a bodywork therapist who practices deep tissue and myofascial techniques, as well as reflexology.

I have written 6 books on astrology and related topics which you can read about at www. My haiku have been published numerous times in Tokyo in the haiku journal "Ginyu" by Ban'ya Natsuishi, as well as in New Zealand, England, and America. I am deeply enamoured of the modern haiku of Japan, which, like modern art, is of many styles and energies, and which is constantly recreating itself as it unfolds.

Unfortunately, the West is still primarily focused on traditional haiku and has not yet tuned in to the wonders of modern Japanese experimental artisans of this form.