But ultimately it is up to the individual to decide how they are going to use the aspects of planets in their chart with their free will, in a meaningful and productive way.

Mercury blending with Venus.

Birth Chart: Gillian Helfgott (Sagittarius)

Moon harmonizing with Jupiter. Sun blending with Moon.

David Helfgott's Inspiring Life - Studio 10

Mercury harmonizing with Neptune. Saturn discordant to Pluto. Venus harmonizing with Neptune. Sun harmonizing with Uranus.

Many a talent shines from Helfgott household

Moon harmonizing with Uranus. Venus discordant to Uranus. Saturn discordant to Uranus. Sun harmonizing with Jupiter.

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They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage?

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The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. These images are used for review purposes and credit is due to the davidhelfgott website and the relevant photographers.

Shine - the Movie The life of brilliant, but mentally challenged musician David Helfgott and his wife, astrologer Gillian Helfgott featured in a wonderful academy award-winning film, Shine It was a hectic morning in our Covent Garden emporium with a hive of customers and telephones ringing.

I told my team not to disturb me with any calls or customers. I would come to regret this decision.

Gillian Helfgott (Sagittarius)

As I burrowed down to some undisturbed software programming, the the actress, Lynn Redgrave b. One of the astrologers, Antony Wilson on the front desk at the shop was happy to field her enquiry.

It is a wonderful love story - divorcee Gillian Murray visits friends in Perth 28 years ago and a bare-chested Helfgott, dripping wet from a swimming pool, rushes up to wrap this stranger in one of his trademark hugs.

That was in and, says Gillian, he still does it.

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Gillian did a TV interview recently to promote the concert. The station make-up girl asked: David is 65 now and no one has been able to pinpoint the condition that drives him to such bewildering behaviour but Gillian says that time is gradually curbing the excesses.

And he'll tidy the kitchen - never did that before. It's like walking into a sauna. And his latest trick is to practise until two in the morning, then wake me up to say how well it went.