Your Descendant is Aquarius, Your Ascendant is in Leo

The descendant in Sagittarius is ruled by the JUPITER , so it matters where this planet is placed in the natal chart and what kind of aspects it forms with the other planets.

Ascendant in Cancer has the Descendant in Capricorn — You want a marriage that first offers you comfort and safety in the long run. Because you are ambitious you want a partner to be similar with you and social position will count a lot when you choose your partner.

The descendant in Capricorn is ruled by SATURN , that is why it counts where this planet is placed in the natal chart and what kind of aspects it forms with the other planets.


Ascendant in Leo has Descendant in Aquarius — You can be attracted to older people than you or people who, even if they are young, have a mature and wise mind. Marriage can take place later, possibly in the second part of your life, because you want to experience and learn as much as possible until then, and you will not be thinking about marriage.

The Descendant in Aquarius is governed by SATURN traditional , so it matters where this planet is placed in the natal chart and what kind of aspects it forms with the other planets.

Ascendant in Virgo has the Descendant in Pisces — You have an idealistic approach to life even in marriage. Try to be more practical and evaluate your situation well, especially when it comes to choosing your life partner. The Descendant in Pisces is ruled by JUPITER traditional , so it matters where this planet is placed in the natal chart and what kind of aspects it forms with the other planets.

The Ascendant in Libra has the Descendant in Aries — You are an ardent partner and sex life is very important, so it is good to find a partner to be compatible with.

You tend to rush into marriage and be attracted to partners who will dominate you, and often the choice is not inspired, so conflicts can quickly arise in the couple. Think well before acting, especially when it comes to marriage. The Aries descendant is ruled by MARS , so it counts where this planet is placed in the natal chart, and what kind of aspects it forms with the other planets.

Ascendant in Scorpio has Descendant in Taurus — The desire for affection, love and harmony is great but you know very well what you want from your partner and you tend to balance your partner when it comes to life in two.

Behavior of the Descendant Aquarius

There should make money together with your partner, to make a successful business together. The Descendant in Taurus is ruled by VENUS , so it matters where this planet is placed in the natal chart and what kind of aspects it forms with the other planets. Ascendant in Sagittarius has Descendant in Gemini — You may have more marriages because you will get bored quickly.

You need a life partner to incite you, intellectually and in every aspect of life in two. In order not to interfere with monotony you can get involved in projects that will put your curiosity and attraction to diversity at work.

Ascendant in Capricorn has Descendant in Cancer — Often the purpose of your life is to have a happy family life, safety and comfort. You are very serious when it comes to marriage and you are very careful in choosing your life partner. Try to create a balance between emotions and reason, so to not overwhelm the emotions that often affect your life.

You are very creative and have a tremendous potential for development, so try to use your energy in practical projects that will make you happy. The Descendant in Cancer is ruled by the MOON , so it matters where it is placed in the natal chart and what kind of aspects it forms with the other planets. Since it's my North Node, it's a side of myself I've had to pay a lot more attention to and acknowledge a lot more myself, even though I've always known, deep down, I had those traits.

No matter what, I've always been pulled away from the "Virgo side" and always to the "Pisces side" so while I could relate to the Ascendant, I could never feel truly put togther. It's funny that you mentioned the North Node and Saturn, too, because my NN is in the 10th house and my Saturn is in the 9th, but conjuncts the Midheaven with a less than two degree orb.

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Would that make me make a projection to others as a "put-together" person, despite it not being too true? You might just want to check out your Neptune, which rules your Descendant. I feel like it's probably a dominant planet in your chart and that you could have a lot of aspects to it, maybe some squares or oppositions, that makes you feel a lot messier and more chaotic and fluid.

The ASCENDANT and DESCENDANT Axis — Canary Quill Astrology

Okay, I've done a lot of searching, and know that I'm actually thinking, it makes a whole lot of sense. My Neptune is in the 5th house, trines my sun, semisquares both my moon and Chiron, semi-sexiles my mars, and inconjuncts my venus.

Upon looking much deeper, I see that those minor aspects are really much more prominent in my personality than I realized before, especially that semi-square to my moon, the most dominant planet in my chart by a long-shot. That also would have some influence I think, with my ridiculously domimant moon ruled by cancer, another water sign, and my moon has a pretty tight square with my ascendant, creating more "ripples" in the picture.

Now that I know about the Moon-Neptune aspect, maybe they both play a big role in this whole thing. Also, my sun's ruler, Venus, is in the 12th. All in all, I just uncovered a huge discovery Neptune-style. P Thanks so much for all of the help in this little mystery hunt! I'll be looking forward to your next writings! And just so you know, whatever is in your 5th House also has a lot to do with your identity and sense of self.

Since it's the house that is naturally ruled by the Sun, it has a very similar effect in that sense.

So, Neptune in the 5th, in and of itself, can also be very responsible for you seeing yourself in such a Neptune-like way because this is ultimately the way you are able to forge a sense of self, even though that sense of self will be hard to pin down, a la Neptune.

I can definitely see the "iron fist in a velvet glove" working here.. Do you think this highlights or downplays the role of the descendant? I have a Cancer DSC, so I can relate to having a hard-working, capable, mature persona, but when I'm with that special someone I become very affectionate and attached. However, I also have Moon in 1st House in Aquarius.

On my own, I'm sensitive to others needs and I wear my heart on my sleeve, even when I'm in that Aquarius state of detachment. I find that the same thing holds when I'm with my close friends or my significant other. I'd like to know what you think of these placements.

Dude what is it about your articles?! Finally someone has expressed a perspective about the DC universe hehe in a different light..

I've always had this feeling myself.. I have heard more than a few people call Aqua Risings attention seekers. We're just more low-key about it. I act way more indifferent and nonchalant than I really am, deep down.

You've given me some food for thought. Yours is the second description of Scorpio descendent I've ever read. The first one I read about five or six years ago. It said that I tend to take on other people shadow stuff and process it for them.

I'm extremely empathic… Neptune and moon conjunct, Mars in Cancer what… So, yes, that really fit. Especially if somebody was not doing their anger work, yup! I would take that on and do it for them. Trust me… It was not pleasant! I have since learned quite a lot about psychic protection so it's not quite an issue for me.

I'm going to have to spend a little bit of time with your definition, but offhand I think it resonates as well. It's beautiful to read your post. I very much like your approach. It is one that I prefer to stress with my own clients, as the whole chart expresses aspects of our own being, rather than situations which we are fated to experience.

The situation of Aquarius rising and Leo Descending, or the opposite case of Leo rising and Aquarius descending, offers the clearest contrast between arm's length and intimate connections that I have thus far explored.

With my own clients, I share a few details that have seemed to help. First, with Aquarius rising, there is the tendency to project the need for freedom and self-determination. And yet, once you let down your hair, you need to be recognized for your specialness and beauty.

In contrast, with Leo on the ascendant, one will project warmth and engagement. However, when people come close, one will tend to back away, to preserve autonomy and personal freedom. In either case, the key is to enter the connection from a space of mutual friendship.

This must be the backbone of the interaction, rather than any stories about romance or expectations about how others should relate.

aquarius descendant

In both cases, as well, one needs to offer the same freedom to their partner that they themselves expect. This means that a person with either placement needs to be centered enough within themselves that they can allow the interaction to be what it wants to be, rather than what they imagine it might.

I have a great deal more to share on this. If you would like to discuss it in further detail, please feel free to contact me. This is why when people meet you, they meet your Ascendant and when they get closer to you and really become an integral part of your life i. As an Aquarius Rising with a Leo Sun in the 7th, I have always felt like a major contradiction because I am my other half in a very fundamental way in fact, all Aquarius Risings will feel this way, to some extent, as the Sun, the planet of self, rules the 7th regardless in the chart.

My advice with the Descendant is to always love and appreciate these traits within yourself because this will significantly enhance and improve your relationships with others.

Like in any relationship, you might not always like the qualities of your other half. You come off as being so nice, accommodating, and pleasant.

But, you are actually a real iron fist in a velvet glove. Sometimes, that lovely, refined demeanor is just a way of drawing people in and having them exactly where you want them so you can win the game. You possess such a general air of mystery, depth, and complexity.

In your romantic relationships and good friendships, you are simple, solid, and laidback to the point of putting others to sleep. People then realize that you are much easier to understand and much more level-headed than they initially thought. Your demeanor is very upbeat, straightforward, and philosophical.

Discover Your Life Purpose

Yet, there is another side to you that is more logical and thinks everything out. But, you are much more changeable in your close relationships. You will often connect with your romantic partner or close friend in a way that just lets you bounce all of your thoughts and ideas off of them. You can constantly change your mind in relationships to the point of suddenly becoming another person.

You have an efficient, strong, and capable sort of persona, seeming like you can handle whatever life throws at you. When someone becomes a real part of your life, they see that vulnerability and those emotions you keep so closely guarded.

You spend so much time appearing as if you have it all together. But, this sophisticated, self-sufficient exterior gets set aside so a needier and more sensitive soul can emerge, which makes you such a caregiver in relationships, as well.


You generally appear to be a nonchalant, intellectual, and often distant individual. Yet, you can also be very passionate and heartfelt. In your important relationships, you are very warm and can be especially romantic. There is also a huge magnetism and superstar-like charisma that those that get to know you may not be able to get enough of.

By being such a cool nonconformist and making your own rules, you reveal a side of yourself that is like a strong-willed artist or performer with his or her own grandiose vision. So, you can actually end up dominating your platonic and romantic partners because of this, revealing a surprisingly large ego or strength of will.

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You come off as an ethereal, mysterious person who lives on some other planet or version of reality than the rest of people.

But, in getting to know you, a more down-to-earth and sensible picture of you emerges. After all, in order for you to peacefully escape into this other realm, you have to get things together in the real world first.

You reveal yourself to be shrewder and more intellectual than you come off.