Saturday 29th December

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You can have an especially creative, enterprising, forward-looking, and dynamic year.

Leo Daily Horoscope: Day After Tomorrow

You're likely to guide others in some manner. A key relationship can be motivating Others find your way of expressing yourself especially intriguing and charming. You are forever curious about people and their relationships, and you have an intuitive understanding of relationship dynamics.

You are an idealistic person, even if you come across as savvy or possibly sarcastic. It never fails to surprise you when people fail to act with good intentions, even if you can predict it will happen in advance! Somewhat of a worrier, you are often over-thinking matters.

Although you are a bit on the dominant side, you can also be very considerate and peace-loving at heart. Famous people born today: The Moon is in your sign all day, and you are encouraged to acknowledge feelings that you may have brushed to the side in recent weeks.

Mars and Chiron coming together in your work and health sector now can be motivating and revealing as well. You can have a strong sense of mission or purpose, ready to tackle a problem, get some serious work done, or attend to your health. Healing methods or programs can be in strong focus, or there can be a discovery that leads to a greater understanding of an illness or other lingering issues.

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You can be feeling pleasingly motivated and directed today, dear Scorpio. Even so, you can be especially motivated to resolve a problem today, possibly as the result of frustration or a triggered vulnerability as Mars and Chiron come together.

Getting over a creative hump or taking a personal risk of sorts may be in focus. For some, a romantic relationship can bring up all kinds of feelings, both exciting and uncomfortable, and both stimulating and challenging.

You can be especially drawn to situations like this, as you may sense that you will be learning the most if you face a fear. You are in a forward-looking mood now, dear Sagittarius, and feeling a little more idealistic than usual. Conversations with friends, associates, or your networks can be rousing and inspiring as Mercury in your sign connects with Pallas in your social sector.

This is a potentially strong day for communications, problem-solving, socializing, and creative work. There may be some challenges or conflicts with family or insecurities emerging that demand your attention now, but also the opportunity to face things and move forward.

You are emotionally equipped to wrap something up, and the work you do on a problem can lead to wonderfully empowering feelings and perhaps some forgiveness.

There can be an opportunity to take affirmative action to improve your life. While the Moon sits at the top of your solar chart all day, dear Capricorn, encouraging you to set goals and take the lead, today is also strong for special attention to a private matter and for doing some critical thinking and musing.

Unresolved issues have a way of emerging for your attention now, and something you say or communicate can stir up a bit of controversy. However, you can also be quite motivated to tackle a problem that has been bothering you, or that has been operating just under the surface of things.

You might reconsider specific projects or plans to assess whether they truly align with your deepest desires. Expressing yourself honestly now can lead to healing, growth, and improvement. There can be encouraging news or discussions that give you a sense of hope and confidence today, dear Aquarius. Releasing frustrations through physical activities that help heal you can be satisfying now as Mars, which is spending its final days in your resources sector, meets with Chiron.

Getting things off your chest or venting in some way can be purging. Getting rid of excess things and clutter can also help if frustrations revolve around feeling tied down or overloaded.

This is an excellent time to focus on a goal that is important to you, dear Pisces, and for giving it more thought. You might choose a special interest and run with it, pouring a lot of your energy into learning something new, for example.

Mercury enters Capricorn

Financial and work or business thinking is especially smart right now. You have Mercury helping you to see solutions to problems related to career or life path goals, and facilitating conversations with people who can help you achieve your goals. As well, you have Mars and Chiron coming together in your sign.

You can be quite motivated to resolve problems and brave about facing an issue with self-honesty.

Aries Daily Horoscope

You can also be inspired to go after what you want — to pursue a passion or interest that you may not have sought in the past. If something has hurt your pride, allow yourself to feel that hurt instead of covering it up with indignation, or otherwise attempting to distance yourself from the painful feeling.

Allowing yourself to feel it is the only true way to heal and move forward. Today is strong for exercises such as this. Your emotional bravery can also inspire and guide others. Be upfront about what you want, as you'll be more likely to get it.

You may though have put yourself and your needs a long way down your list of priorities. The coming days can bring a wake-up call in this regard, and it may be because you volunteer for something and realize you don't really want to do it.

As dawns, you'll find honesty is the best policy. With the Moon in harmonious Libra though, the benefits of cutting back and living a more balanced lifestyle can call out.

Mars enters Aries

This is something that could transform your life if you are serious about it. A few tweaks here and there could make a positive difference. Look to make life as uncomplicated as it can be.

A playful approach to certain issues may not be a bad thing if you have been taking it all a bit too seriously.

It could help you see creative possibilities where there appeared to be none. If you have been focused on one outcome and it isn't what you want, you can change it now. A crucial lunar phase now is the perfect time to shift gears and adjust any details until you crack it.

Leo Daily Horoscope: Yesterday

A Quarter Moon in your sector of relating can bring an important issue into the open between you and another. Discussing it could be crucial to the way things unfold, and might encourage positive change.

You likely both have different perspectives, and a willingness to compromise could make a difference. This might be even more necessary. If you're working to get something done, then the cosmic backdrop suggests you check you are choosing the right options.

It could seem that with a big push you can do it all. However, it is possible that you have gone through this same scenario on other occasions. Each time you hope it will be different.

It can be, if you choose to pace yourself rather than leave it all to the last minute. You may be ready to invite the possibility of change into a situation that looks set to repeat itself.

This can cause some disruption as you implement new ideas. But if it allows you time to refocus your energies and be more creative, then it can be worthwhile. This is an opportunity to cut out anything that doesn't work and engage on whatever makes a difference to life and relationships.

Someone within your family may seem to have a situation in hand. Today's powerful lunation suggests that you may want to have a say too. Your insights could inspire a breakthrough and they are certainly worth sharing. If this issue has reached a critical point, then handling it sensitively and tactfully can bring about a solution that works for everyone.

You may be keen for someone to say good things about an idea. But what if they don't?