January 2 Zodiac: Capricorn

The play is called The Loves of Mars and Venus.

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Your Ruling planet is Saturn that stands for discipline, hard work, and limitations. This card shows your intuition and wisdom in solving problems. A contentious relationship that needs a lot of understanding. Number 2 — This number stands for originality and creative interests Number 3 — This number signifies excellent imagination, ideas, and an extrovert personality.

Stands for feminine energy, associated with money, fame, and reputation Brown: This color signifies earthy and homely with a lot of stability. Signifies intuition, emotions, creativity and caring. Scented Candles for women and Clocks or Calendars for men. January 2 birthday horoscope predicts a beautiful life for you. Most of these things are correct-not all.

Need trust and loyalty in relationship- above everything. Have intuition all the time, especially when someone close to my heart tries to break the trust I would know immidiately.

And be picky and patient when it comes to commitment. Therefore it will be an easier path to detect deception from a potential mate when you take your time to commit to a relationship.

January 2 Birthday horoscope - zodiac sign for January 2th

Being alone is not a bad thing. Haha iI sound like an astroligist to a degree……Yet Im just on here to get some insight or footnotes to You can check out our https: Your email address will not be published.

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Lonely planet May 1, at 3: Sheldon December 12, at 7: Isabel Biraban December 13, at 9: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. People born on this day tend to suffer from problems, such as stress, anxiety and fatigue, that are created either by an unhealthy, hectic lifestyle that allows little time for fun and relaxation or by chronic worrying and indecisiveness.

Leisure activities that bring out the child in them such as roller skating, finger painting, rock climbing or dancing can help those born on this day escape from their introspection. They also need to take special care of their teeth, gums, hair, skin and bones, especially in the legs, by eating a healthy diet rich in nutritious fruits and vegetables.

If stress is a constant part of their life, they should try to burn a chamomile-, lavender-or sandalwood-scented candle. These produce a calming effect. The highly intuitive nature of these people makes them natural teachers, social workers and healers, but they can also do well in public relations or as managers of others.

Their desire for reflection and love of people watching mean that, especially later in life, they have a talent for writing or journalism.

On the other hand, they may choose careers such as photography, music, comedy or the theater to express their uniqueness. When those born on this day conquer their shyness and fear of expressing their individuality, they often encourage others to do the same.

They have a tremendous capacity to connect with others and their destiny is to inspire by example, to heal and to educate.

January 2 Zodiac is Capricorn - Full Horoscope Personality

Your email address will not be published. Stop projecting your hopes and dreams, and focus more on recognizing people for who they really are. The problem is you tend to overdo things. You go over the edge in order to achieve a goal.

Lucky color

You often end up failing to stop. Keep in mind, however, that there are many definitions of leader. There is an organic leader, and then there is a titular leader.

You tend to be more of an organic leader. You may not have the pay grade and official title of CEO or Vice President, but make no mistake about it—you are the leader in the group. This is due to the fact that you have high standards and you do not tolerate any deviations from that standard.

Of course, this leads to you making many unnecessary enemies. On the other hand, you draw such tight lines regarding your comfort zones that you often ignore the fact that they turn into invisible prisons.

January 2 Capricorn Personality

You have to remember that in many cases, we are bound by our expectations and assumptions. They shape our reality. Otherwise, life can become unnecessarily hard and the worst part of all this is that we chose this level of discomfort. You are able to handle even the most formidable tasks. Even an intimidating role is not a problem for you, because you know that where your focus goes, your energy and attention flows.

People born on the 2nd of January always need to keep in mind that we live in a world we cannot create.