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Do you find a large part of your job includes educating your clients on a variety of relevant subjects Astrology touches on such as psychology, mythology, and sociology? I am always mindful of the balance between empowering people with a greater sense of their own power, especially their power of choice, and understanding the inherent assumption that astrology represents, which is a fate based world view.

Therefore, I try to be mindful of that balance because I take what I do seriously, and want it to be as loving as possible. I understand life is not Pollyanna, but again, it is about how we interpret events that matters most.

If I am going to facilitate a self-fulfilling prophesy in someone, I would hope it would be something positive. I do believe that, as many people have said before me, that we are all here to do something special with our lives, we are created to do something special that only we can do in our own way. I would like to impart that. For some people, the largely psychological explorations are most meaningful.

For others, they want the more literal interpretations from older techniques.

♉ Taurus December 2018 - Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

I use them all and find the balance as my intuition guides me is best for the client and also whatever they ask for. I always draw on various aspects of my education and my life in a consultation, so if the situation calls for it, I will share psychological, philosophical, even political theories, mythological tales, or antedotes from popular culture or my own life.

I am aiming to make the reading relveant to the client and trusting the information that comes forth. What do you see Astrology developing into in the next 10 to 20 years?

I think astrology will always have a part of our culture because it serves such an important function. It makes the cosmos meaningful, and in a world that can feel more and more isolating and alienating, I think we yearn for that feeling of purpose and connection.

Astrology has lasted for all these milenia for exactly that reason. It affirms a meaningful world infused with spiritual energy, and therefore, we are also infused with it also.

It affirms a truth that is so deep that many of us feel it to be true before we can even articulate it. That the world is not randomn and empty, but truly deliberate in every breath, every movement, every wind. As for credibility, that is hard to say. While I do think there will be a shift of consciousness that has already started but will accelrate after the winter solstice in that will bring many people towards esoteric practices and subjects.

At the same time, as I often states in talks, astrology is a religious practice. It cannot be empirically validated anymore than prayer or any other religious practice. Its strength lies in the meaning it grants our lives and that is deeply subjective and personal.

We all have heard of and the Age of Aquarius being transformational during our lives. What does Western Astrology teach us about who we are becoming and how the world is evolving in the near future relative to the Ages? Well, a couple of things come up in your question. As I stated earlier, there are many astrological signs that indicate a shift of consciousness at that time.

Not a lightening type of thing, I think, more like the energy will shift and we will see movement in the direction of the esoteric. The mayan calendar ends and indicates the culmination of one cycle.

But remember, their whole spiritual frame of reference was based on cycles, which means nothing ends, but is only repeated. At that time, with Neptune having newly come home to its ruling sign of Pisces, we will see a return to more mystical topics. The second thing your question raises has to do with the ages. It is a sign that represents the collective and new-age spirituality, but it is also a highly individualistic sign that is very scientific.

Nadiya Shah – Horoscope Predictions

The duality we have seen in our current age of Pisces has been about reality and mysticism. With Aquarius, there are changes, but the trend of opposing thoughts continues. I think it makes life more interesting and keeps us growing.

I think diversity is awesome in all aspects of life, not only in cultures, but in opinion and ideas as well. What do the stars have to say about the transition from into on a more global level… will we see more of the same or will things be improving overall or something else?

There is always a lot happening in the sky!

Interview with Nadiya Shah on Astrology & Career

What is interesting is that Saturn recently moved into Libra and began a interesting conversation with Pluto. This indicates changes in our social structures are being asked for but there is a strong desire to maintain things. The other really amazing thing to take place in is the Jupiter Uranus conjunction.

If you think about it, historically this indicates a huge inspiring breakthrough, particularly scientific but also on the human rights front.

A person walked the Moon for the first time during a transit like this! The Jupiter Uranus conjunction is taking place in the sign of Pisces, which rules medicine, faith healing, and universal understanding. Additionally, the continuation of the Saturn Uranus conversation happens in This conversation began in on the day of the USA presidential election, so we can expect some inspiring progress and change that indicates a break from tradition and in the direction of equal rights.

I recently began writing horoscopes for Fitness Fanatik Magazine, which also featured my personal fitness transformation story. I used astrology to tap into my motivations and power to change. After I lost weight, my friends started coming to me for insights into their chart, so that they could understand their body as a symbol of spiritual expression.

I created work out plans for them that worked with who they are. My book presents a new way to consider weight loss, exercise, and new age spirituality as a holistic, integrated whole. Weight loss and exercise are important practices to utilize on the journey of self-knowledge and allows the immediate experiences of acceptance, embodiment, and truth.

There are no menus or diet schedules. Rather, personal reflection, spiritual self-help, astrological philosophy, and mythology are drawn on to enlighten and inspire.

There has been an idea perpetuated of losing weight as a formula of mathematics, and our bodies boil down to being a machine. However, we are not machines. We are complex in every way. There are aspects of our physiology that are still a mystery, that scientists are still researching, exploring, and desiring to know more about.

Add to that the layers of complexity that involve the way our mind works, the depth of our emotion, and the way spirit infuses and influences matter. All these aspects of us are intricately tied to what happens to us on a physical level. This means that weight loss cannot be a matter summed up in a math formula. It also means that weight loss and a stronger physique does not happen according to a precise timetable, but that we become lighter physically in direct proportion to becoming lighter in all areas of our life, and these changes happen only when we are ready, in perfect time, and not a moment sooner.

Exercise is done for its own sake and, in the words of Socrates, for the self-knowledge it grants in the moment of activity. It is very near and dear to my heart, of course.

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I think to write a book involves the heart. It is not directly related to astrology and prediction. It is a symbolic exploration, so it utilizes my formal education.

I was finishing my MA dissertation when the desire to start writing these understandings down came on pretty strong. I put it to the side and literally, the day I handed my dissertation in, I started to write.

So now, I have what feels like a completed manuscript and have begun submitting it to agents and publishers, as well as my contacts. The response so far has been amazing. Just Marie today doing intuitive readings.

Clean December 14, Today Marie took callers questions, and many were regarding relationships. Clean December 7, Enjoy as Marie does intuitive readings for her callers. Clean November 30, It was just Marie on the air today taking calls from around the country.

Clean November 16, Today Marie spoke about balancing your human energy, with callers in the U. And of course she spoke a little bit about the Alabama Senate race: Clean November 9, Today Marie spoke with caller around the US with some mysterious health issues.

Clean November 2, Do you ever find yourself spending endless amounts of time feeling worried and anxious? The book is filled with amazing tips and techniques that help us identify anxious thoughts and help keep worry from getting the best of us.

In the second half Marie then answered callers questions. Clean October 26, Marie was so happy to be back in the studio doing intuitive readings. Thank you to everyone who called in and shared their question with us all. Clean October 12, Join Marie as we learn about ancient mysteries with best-selling author, Freddy Silva.

After the interview, listen as Marie does intuitive readings for our callers. Clean October 5, This morning Marie talked about past lives and the root chakra; how to heal past life issues that maybe causing problems in ones current lifetime. Clean September 28, After a little break, Marie is happy to be back in the studio today giving guidance and insight to her callers.

Clean September 7, In the first half of the show, as Marie takes calls and the topic is to notice when you're talking about you want. You cannot hold your energy in the low vibration and manifest what you want.

You have to heighten your energy. Clean August 31, Our love goes out to everyone involved with Hurricane Harvey. Clean August 24, Afterwards Marie intuitively answers callers questions. Clean August 17, Join Marie has she talks about politics and the changes these eclipses are bringing to our country, the world, and our personal lives.

She also takes calls from around the country, and even Canada and Hong Kong! Clean August 10, Clean August 3, The eclipses are shinning light into the dark, are you paying attention? Clean July 27, Today is all about the powerful eclipses we have coming up next month! Clean July 20, Tools for staying in your own lane.

Clean July 13, Marie gives energy tips on how to know when you're making the perfect choice for yourself. Clean July 6, As Marie took calls she talked about how to change the old stories in our minds to help us move forward on the things we are currently working on. Clean June 29, Navigating empathy to help calm the nervous system.

Clean June 22, Marie took calls today from Spain, Arizona, Washington, and California as she talked about the importance of energy. Clean June 15, Life Strategies for Sensitive People".

Clean June 8, Clean June 1, After traveling for a few weeks, Marie was happy to be back in the studio today taking calls from around the country. Clean May 11, Today Marie takes calls from around the country.

Clean May 4, Clean April 27, Marie interviews Andrew Holecek, author of Dream Yoga in the first half of the show, then takes calls from around the world including Hong Kong in the second half. Clean April 20, This week Marie enjoyed taking call in questions from around the country. Clean April 13, Today Marie talks about everything from sex to politics!

Clean April 6, Short interview with 10 year old Muskan Virk , author of Days of Gratitude. Clean March 16, Open phone lines today on The Marie Manuchehri Show. Clean March 9, Her unique, easy-to-grasp style will take the mystery out of these esoteric laws.

You will learn to overcome your conditioned thinking, habitual words, and other aspects of consciousness that perpetuate lack. Most importantly, you will experience proof of your alignment with the universal parent that is ready to shower each of us with gifts far beyond our imaginings—and finally feel free to prosper.

Clean March 2, Together they explored the science behind sound balancing and how it works. In the second half of the show Marie intuitively answered callers questions.

Clean February 23, Between calls Marie explains the difference between being in satisfaction vs longing. Clean February 16, Marie talks about the eclipse energy and what that might mean for us.

Clean February 2, Together we explored some amazing stories where physicians were touched by a divine moment so miraculous that they needed to share it with you. Then in the second half Marie took calls from around the country.

Clean January 26, Marie gives us insight on how to navigate through the political changes occurring in the United States and how we can divert our attention away from fear. Clean January 19, Between taking calls, Marie explores the energy of our government and how to move forward with love and compassion. Clean January 12, Clean January 5, At the top of the hour Marie talks with Dr.

Then in the second half Marie gives insight to our callers. Clean December 29, Join Marie as we celebrate moving from a 9 year to a 1 year!! Clean December 15, Clean December 8, Clean December 1, Clean November 17, Does being positive mean that you must be passive?

Learning to be positive with life no matter what is a huge channel for manifesting. So how can one stay positive when there is clear negativity and also be active in creating change? Clean Novemeber 10, Clean November 3, Get ready for an interesting hour as I interview Dr. Dr Rubin specializes in reproductive medicine and has successfully helped thousands of women balance their reproductive health.

Clean October 27, Clean October 20, Is there something in life you are trying to accomplish but you feel like you're struggling a bit to get there? Clean October 13, After a few weeks hiatus from the radio show, Marie was back today taking calls and talking about the importance of controlling your brain.

Clean September 8, Just Marie taking calls and doing readings. Clean September 1, Marie tells us all about the new moon solar eclipse happening in Virgo today and what we should expect in the coming month. Clean August 25, Marie interviews Ora Nadrich, author of Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever "We all face obstacles and negative thoughts in our lives - but that doesn't mean we have to let them keep us from achieving our goals and dreams.

Clean August 18, Clean August 11, Just Marie today taking calls and talking in detail about manifesting, mind control, and self love. Clean August 4, Between doing reading for our callers, Marie teaches us how to stay in the reality in which you DESIRE not the one that is presenting itself to you that is driving you crazy so you can bring what you want into physical form and start changing your life.

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Clean July 28, DePree offers us a deeper understanding of how our sexuality changes over time—and, most importantly, what we can do to manage the changes to stay as sexually active as we choose. Clean July 21, Clean July 14, Between calls, Marie talks about how the positive, bright light on the planet is growing and how that bright light is also showing us where the dark is.

Marie also talks about feminine and masculine energy on the planet and within ourselves and what that balance looks like. Clean July 7, Learn how to Maintain Your Energy System in today's show.

Do you give your energy away to others? Do you often feel depleted emotionally and physically? Listen and learn the reasons that lead to low energy and techniques on how to fill yourself back up! Clean June 30, Interview with Luke Adler and his new book, Born to Heal. Luke is a superbly qualified practitioner of Eastern medicine and Western traditions.

In this book he lays out specific techniques, case studies, meditations and exercises for self-discovery and self-directed wellness. Clean June 23, Enjoy this encore show from May 4, Donna Gates, a nutritional consultant, author and lecturer has helped thousands of people overcome candidiasis and other immune system disorders.

Her book, "The Body Ecology Diet", was written after years of research to find a cure for her own candida-related health problems.

Frustrated with conventional medicine, she embarked on a long course of study into many different healing concepts, including ancient Chinese medicine, macrobiotics, natural hygiene, raw foods and mega-supplement therapy. Incorporating the most beneficial components of each concept into her own system of health and healing, her success inspired her to share it with others.

Clean June 16, Marie talks about the importance of transforming our perception and positive energy. She also took calls and did readings.

Clean June 9, Just Marie this week taking calls and doing readings. Clean June 2, Are you an uber-busy, high-stressed, and hungry go-getter that would like to calm down, eat healthier, and create lasting positive changes?

Using the skills she developed as a successful technology entrepreneur, Lisa self-hacked her own mind and body to restore her health and then go on to feel better than ever.

A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she now helps highly successful superstars to slow down, chill-out, develop a better relationship with food, look good, and feel great. Clean May 19, Bernard Siegel or Bernie, as he prefers to be called needs no introduction. He has touched many lives all over the Planet. In , he reached a national and then international audience when he began talking about patient empowerment and the choice to live fully and die in peace.

As a physician who has cared for and counseled innumerable people whose mortality has been threatened by illness, Bernie embraces a philosophy of living and dying that stands at the forefront of the medical ethics and spiritual issues our Society grapples with today. He continues to break new ground in the field of healing, supporting changes in medical education to humanize medical practice.

He graduated with honors and holds membership in two scholastic honor societies, Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Omega Alpha. In , Bernie retired from Yale as an Assistant Clinical Professor of General and Pediatric Surgery to speak to patients, their families and caregivers. Clean May 12, Marie interviews Marianne Williamson for the first half of the show.

Marianne will be a keynote speaker at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival this year. The second half of the show Marie took calls and did readings for people around the country. Clean May 5, Marie continues the conversation from last week as she goes through the remaining chakras and the anatomy connection to them.

She also took calls and did readings live on the air. Clean April 28, Marie teaches us about the first and second chakra and the anatomy connection to them.

Learn about the other chakras in upcoming shows. Clean April 21, It was just Marie this morning talking about the third chakra, giving tips for a healthy immune system and self-love techniques.

She also took calls from people around the country. Clean April 14, An interview with the author of breakthrough works of channeled literature, Paul Selig, and the first book of his new trilogy, "The Book of Mastery". Clean March 24, Today Marie and The Dream Detective, Mimi Pettibone, discussed the meaning of dreams and shared some great tips for using your dreams to help you manifest.

Clean March 17, Learn how to thrive during difficult times. Clean March 10, We are in the middle of the intense, powerful, and healing March eclipse energy. Today Marie talks about the importance of doing inner work right now so you can move forward with confidence and self esteem through the changes that may be coming.

Clean March 3, Clean February 25, Clean February 18, In today's show we learn about an amazing novel regarding reincarnation and past lives with author Sharon Guskin and her new book The Forgotten Time.

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Clean February 11, Clean February 4, What if you could feel or hear or see your loved ones on the Otherside? Today Marie shares some easy tools to help you feel your divine connection to the Otherside and does readings for callers. Clean January 28, Clean January 21, He approaches the body as a whole system, not just a broken part, that's what he calls The Engstrom Affekt.

Some of the modalities David uses are: Clean January 14, Now that the Earth and all of its inhabitants are receiving high frequency energy, it is imperative we all learn to STOP complaining.

Clean January 7, To can learn more about Marilyn's power lessons and mentoring program here. Clean December 17, Today Marie discusses the importance of surrendering and allowing the universe to help you. Clean December 10, Clean December 3, Clean November 19, Marie talks about the ways to enjoy the holiday season and your life while we send love around the world.

Clean November 12, Clean October 29, We're talking about everything scary on the show today. Vampires, dead people, hauntings, ghosts, the other side, hell - you name it and we're talking about it. Clean October 22, Marie talks about the forth chakra and what a energetic healthy heart looks like.

Are you circulating your heart energy in an empowering way? Clean October 15, Author of Honest Medicine, Julia Schopick is on the show today. Clean October 8, Inspired from one of Marie's favorite quotes, Marie discusses how we can forward not backward. Clean Novemeber 5, The importance of being courageous and standing up for what you truly believe.

Clean September 24, With a rare 'Supermoon' lunar eclipse upon us, how can you best absorb the information that is coming to light?

By Marie Manuchehri

Clean September 17, It's brain day on The Marie Manuchehri Show! Clean September 10, Marie talks about the upcoming eclipse and how it can affect your life. Clean September 3, Marie talks about why time is moving so fast and if the world is truly changing. Clean August 27, Clean August 20, Inspired by one of Marie's upcoming workshops, she talks about how to train your mind to take action and how to know the correct choice is already here.

Listen now to hear callers questions and Marie's insights. Clean August 6, It's time to stop giving your negative thoughts attention. Doing so will only bring more negativity into your life. Today, Marie talked about this powerful tool for creating the life your deserve. Clean July 30, Learn how to be present in your body and why you should pay attention to the all the signs the universe is throwing at you.

Clean July 16, Marie interviews clairvoyant and Tarot card reader Alexa Robbins. Clean July 9, Marie talks about your words and the divine plan as she answers callers questions.

Clean June 25, Marie took calls today and focused on their questions. Clean June 11, Learn how to get out of your head feel authentic emotions. Clean June 4, Marie interviews Gregg Levoy, author of Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion. Clean May 28, Clean May 21, In honor of Marie's oldest daughter getting married this week, here is an encore show from one of the first times all three daughters joined Marie live in the studio.

Clean May 14, Marie shares your messages gratitude live on the air. Clean May 7, It's time to cultivate the habit of being grateful. Clean April 30, Clean April 23, Clean April 16, Marie interviews psychotherapist and spiritual mentor, John J.

Prendergast, PhD about his latest book "In Touch". Clean April 9, Find out the origins of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain. Clean March 26, Deepak Chopra stops by the studio to talk about his latest book, "The 13th Disciple" and his upcoming workshop in Seattle. Aries daily horoscope December 25, Aries Daily Horoscope Moda Tube 2 years ago.

Aries Daily Horoscope Today's Horoscope: Please Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share. Thank you for watching! Be an AstroFabulous Superstar! December Soul Moon Tarot a months ago. Hi there - This is like a bookend to the month's Love reading s - it's a recap of what's happened in the month prior but also takes a Delivered within hours!

Holiday gift certificates available too! Aries daily horoscope December 18, Aries December Tarotscope Michele Knight 1 months ago. Let your fun-loving nature come out to A solid grounding is apt to be Your energy and spunk should finally Your greatest quality is generosity, Aries End of December Tarot Update: To order a personal reading, please visit my online store http: