Remind yourself what is of most importance to you and stay focused on that. A disciplined mind is essential. You may feel a bit lost at the moment but later in the month you will be out and about in the world at large making your mark again. In the meantime, focus on your home life and let loved ones know how much you care for them.

Something you are told by a friend will shock you today, but can you know for certain that it's true? It may be the case that this is one of those stories that expands dramatically each time someone passes it on.

Don't take it seriously. You may not agree with what you are expected to do today but you should do it anyway to keep in with people whose assistance you are going to need.

If you make an effort for them now they will make an effort for you later on. Today's full moon may tempt you to push ahead with a new project or even a new relationship but don't rush things.

Cosmic activity in your sign will bring no end of opportunities over the next few weeks, so by all means take your time. You seem to be anxious for no good reason at the moment.

The fact is you have precious little to be genuinely worried about, so lighten up and do something that challenges you both mentally and physically. Be positive in everything you do.

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  • Thursday 27th December.

You want to know what a certain group of people is up to but they are keeping you in the dark, which is most frustrating. Today's full moon suggests that may be to your benefit — as you won't in any way be to blame for what happens.

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Just make sure you do so inclusively! Someone else in your squad may want to play organizer as well. Be sensitive to that and plan together so this doesn't devolve into a draining rivalry. A little more sugar with that spice? Today's sizzling moon-Jupiter trine makes you quite the naughty elf.

Today's Leo Horoscope - Friday, December 28, 2018

Instead of falling into a food coma after the presents are unwrapped, you're in the mood to turn Christmas Day into an extended celebration. You might even doff the loungewear for a night of dancing or karaoke—or just slip off with your sweetie to get frisky.

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Spike the eggnog if you're among grownups who imbibe, or entertain your fam with some classic all-ages games like charades or a scavenger hunt, no iPads required. Who says you can't mix business and pleasure? While you don't want to cross any lines, warm gestures can help fortify your professional connections.

Check in with your "work wife" and find out how her holiday celebrations are going. If you're connected to clients on social media, tag them in a seasonal post. Want to win someone's business? Put a little more effort into the wooing process. Pony up for a power lunch or invest in a graphic designer's services to make your presentation pop.

You may have noticed today that the biggest obstacles you face are ones you set up for yourself.

Jan. 2: Your daily horoscope

The more generous you are, the more will be reflected back to you. Today, everything seems to move effortlessly. In any case, obstacles are over, so enjoy the even-keeled road ahead.

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  8. Open up, explore, and have conversations today! It may feel like a dam has burst, and things finally work.

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