Ixion went to Olympus for the ritual.

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But while there, Ixion committed an even worse sin She told her husband, who then decided to verify Ixion's guilt with a test: Well, Ixion took the bait, and slept with the fake Hera. When Ixion came down to earth, he bragged to other mortals about sleeping with the queen of the gods.

As you can imagine, Zeus was not happy with Ixion, not only for having the audacity to sleep with Hera In punishment, Zeus bound Ixion to a winged or flaming spinning wheel upon which Ixion was forced to continuously repent: From the cloud was born Centaurus, as a result of Ixion's sexual intercourse with the fake Hera.

In some stories, Centaurus later descended upon a herd of horses owned by the Magnetes tribe of E. Thessaly, mated with the mares, and begat the Centaurs; in others, all the other Centaurs were also born from this same cloud along with Centaurus.

However, more recent estimates suggest that Ixion has a high albedo and is actually smaller than Ceres. It's definitely too big to be ignored, anyway.

Ixion is a Plutino, meaning it has a 3: Other Plutinos, discussed elsewhere on this site, include Rhadamanthus and Huya. The orbits of Ixion and Pluto have some interesting similarities, almost mirror images of each other.

Let's compare the two bodies: Ixion Pluto Orbit More on this in a bit. When it was discovered, it ws located at 5 Sagittarius It is too soon to even guess what Ixion means, but I'm sure these oppositions will show up as we begin to discover how to interpret his position in zodiac charts.

The Sabian Symbol for the discovery position is "A cricket game is being watched by a colorful crowd. If negative, difficulty in showing one's true feelings and emotions. Look at the positions of Ixion and Pluto from January 1, 0 hr UT each year , and note how slowly the distance between them changes: Here are the dates of their exact conjunctions from through the 21st Century.

Note that all the conjunctions are either in Scorpio or Pisces: Serbian Uprising against Ottoman rule leading to Serbia being acknowledged as a semi-independent state. Napoleon defeated at Waterloo, ending the Napoleonic wars. Following this, at the Congress of Vienna, England, Spain, Portugal, France, and the Netherlands meet to discuss the world without Napoleon, and they agree to eventually abolish the slave trade.

Robert Stirling invented the Stirling Engine. Humphry Davy patents the miner's safety lamp for use in coal mining. Niepce brothers initiate experiments to create images using light-sensitive materials, which will eventually produce the world's first photograph Nelson Mandela was elected the first black leader of South Africa, after the country had its first free multiracial election.

The Australian government agrees to pay reparations to indigenous Australians who were displaced during the nuclear tests at Maralinga in the s and s.

We could Pig out directly with our snouts, but the more elegant solution is to Feed One Another. The Exposure of Facebook as just another Ripoff disguised as a Gift to you is a good example of the Capricorn Cusp — now can we Build something useful to the Planet and its inhabitants, instead of just another 0.

A ton of Energies are on the Cusp from Sagittarius to Capricorn, including…. In the middle of this giant Shift comes a Full Moon, on 31 March 5: The most common astroevent to flag the Harmonic Convergence is the Initiation of Saturn by Uranus on 12 February at 30 Sagittarius. But as we get closer to 5D the only valid Authority is your own Soul.

Most of our Codependence was Cleansed by Fire during the passage of Self-Confidence Chariklo and Codependence itself Hylonome through Sagittarius, the former , and the latter If you think about the Major Changes you went through during those years, you can probably find clues about any Authorititis you still need to Heal.

So we only have about three more years to Cleanse our Self-Sovereignty. Just as you can default on your Loans, so can they. More likely, that will go only to the folks with very expensive lawyers. That should allow an increasingly Clear view of the Horizon and the Stars — or an increasingly Clear view of the Truth of our own Self-Sovereignty.

On the Cusp of Virgo, there promises to be a good deal of Ego Death. But you can Trust that these Energies are building beneath the surface. You might even catch up to the teenagers. For instance, what if you were a lawyer, and starting in the s you developed a secondary specialty in sexual harassment cases.

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It takes a lot of Self-Sovereignty to follow a thread through the Underground, but it pays off. The Demand will be there, just not on Weasel News.

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But then there are the other arenas of Life. The sort of Love that Expects something in Return is another category altogether. Lots of Tapping, perhaps? The necessary realization by any individual making a violent use of collective power that it will lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group-integration.

Sagittarius is about Letting Go and Letting the Goddess. Try putting Awe in their place. The Big Deal upcoming occurs on St. Before we talk about the specific Energies that are Changing, lets just compare the natures of the Old Cycles with the natures of the New Cycles.

Those fairly well identify the Advance Guard of the Yang Female over the recent past. The Sunbonneted-Kids-Playing-on-the-Beach-since attribute reminds me of the giddiness of the folks who have already Ascended to the Yang Feminine , Enjoying the Cosmic Joke, swimming with Dolphins, and riding the bus furthur yet.

The Sunbonnets are an interesting artifact. It also implies that between now and , the Patriarchy does indeed Self-Destruct, which otherwise is a source of great Fear and Loathing. The sustaining power of the whole, as the individual identifies with its life.

Asteroid Moira is named for The Fates. The best single keyword for Neptune is probably Spirit. If Anger arises, what would it say, and in whose voice would it be?

Which is to say…. Under the avalanche of thoughts and Emotions that deluge us daily, these are the flags that mark the edge of the highway to our Liberation, if we use to find and Embrace our Limiting Beliefs rather than using them to puff up our Ego.

Dan and the Arcturians have some interesting and relevant comments today, from…. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are exploring, and you will forever be exploring. And as an explorer, the outcome is not as important as what you discover along the way.

That vibration is information that you can then use to steer yourself in a direction that is more to your liking. There is no real outcome, because there is no finality to your experience of self.

You may have chapters that you go through, periods of exploring one thing or another, but they are not the end of anything. It is through movement of energy that more energy gets summoned and accessed, and by making a choice and taking steps towards something, you are certainly accessing more energy.

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The energy that you access is you. Everything, no matter what it is. It is much more important for you to live your lives and have experiences than it is for you to achieve some sort of perfection. So clear that all I need do is record it here: Go be who you are and know that this is enough. To live as yourself. To act and think as yourself.

To interact with others as yourself. To love as yourself. Even if you have never been brave enough to be you until now. But try this — every day say one thing to one person, which you otherwise would never have said, but which you Want to say.

Take a few minutes every Nice-Transcending day to gaze at this stone…. One of its esoteric properties is that it allows you to speak in ways that communicate your True Compassionate meaning to others. It always surprises me when I use it, as I say things that I had no idea I was going to say, but which are True and Supportive.

It is time for you to realize that what you are is more important than what you do. It is more important than what you say, more important than what you write, and certainly more important than what you believe. If you could work together, join forces with your fellow humans and direct your energies on something that would be beneficial to all, you would demonstrate to yourselves how powerful you are.

When you are capable of bringing Source Energy through your unique perspective, you are able to add so much to this world of yours, and to the entire universe. This is truly where your significance lies.

Now often you seek a mission, a purpose, or some goal to achieve that will summon forth the Source Energy that we are talking about, the Source Energy that is so powerful when grounded into the physical reality.

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But just by living your lives, just by having your relationships with each other, and by at times just struggling to get by, you are doing all of the summoning that is necessary. It only matters that you allow it to flow through you, and then we encourage you to recognize how your uniqueness puts a particular flavor on the energy that you bring through.

It is a flavor that only you can add to the Source Energy that you ground into the physical. There is not one of you who is more important than any other. You are all equal in your diversity.

You are all fully capable of bringing through more energy and putting your stamp on it. Imagine how powerful you could be and feel if you could radiate that Source Energy out, even for just five minutes of your time. And as you demonstrate to yourselves just how good that feels, you will want to do it for longer.

You will want to feel the flow of Source moving through you, and everyone and everything will benefit without you having to lift a finger. Our Unique Genius is too subtle for words anyway. The Essence of Makemake is Manifestation. There are many Keys to that process…. Then — sit quietly and Wait. As long as it takes.

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But Feel their Pain and Abandonment, over having been Banished all these years. Then Do It Again. Choose one that you feel very Safe and Loving with. If not, keep it in a pocket if you can.

Print it out from http: Then Ask yourself if you have any Yes-Buts. Take them one by one, and convert them to Yes-Ands. Nothing to Solve, nothing to Fix, just another Paradox.

An Ego Death is actually an Ego Rebirth. Ixion Initiates Saturn 15 February in 25 Sagittarius. Other closely related intermediate events:. Annabergite is one of the few Crystalline Minerals that was Organically Alive just before it Crystalized. And that is SO different for me.

I do my duty. I fulfill my promises. If I commit, I follow through. For my whole life.