The moon occults three planets

The planetary energy represents a fundamental principle which has not a beginning, nor an end. The truth of this principle is always there, just as the light is always there.

Nor is truth something which can be defined in the limited language of man. This is something altogether different to the nature of facts, which are merely empirically established truths.

Not all truth can be established in such a manner.

Mercury enters Capricorn

Rather, it is something which can only be totally perceived with the heart. It therefore has connections with the essence of our being and also our emotions. It is at the time of occultations that these fundamental truths about various principles in life must surface into the consciousness of the individual, in relevance to that individual's life.

Therefore events in one's life affected by the occultation also require a great deal of soul searching as one has to reach into the depth of one's being.

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The occultation must represent a relevantly significant event in an individual's life, forcing that individual to look for the truth of a matter.

Perhaps this also has its basis in the fact that many of us do not appreciate the value of something until the risk of loss becomes apparent. In order to determine the significance of each occultation, one must look to the principle signified by each planet.

This must also be balanced by another factor. As the lunar eclipse can only occur at full Moon Sun opposition Moon aspect , and as the solar eclipse can only occur at a new moon, Sun conjunct Moon aspect ; then occultations must be considered in light of a lunar conjunction with the planetary principle involved, viz, Moon conjunct Venus, Moon conjunct Mars, Moon conjunct Uranus, Moon conjunct Neptune as examples in these instances.

He is the messenger of the gods and protector of merchants. His principle is Knowledge. The occultation with Mercury must teach one a lesson of knowledge: This aspect is benign, and can only be perceived through the amalgamation of the mind and the senses. Restlessness and a need for change must be symptomatic of this occultation.

Venus is the ancient goddess of Love, desire and harmony. She is associated with the Greek Aphrodite and Babylonian Ishtar. She was daughter of Uranus, and was born after Cronos castrated his father and threw his genitals into the sea.

From the waves emerged Aphrodite: Hence she was the protector of sailors, and a goddess of fertility. The occultation with Venus must teach one the true value of love and balance, through one's relationships with others. Perhaps it also inspires new life, in whatever form.

Mars is the ancient god which was the spirit of the season of growth and harvest, and also of the season of warfare. He was the initiator, the protector. For these he needed the qualities of strength, force and Courage. The occultation with Mars suggests that one must learn how to handle energy and willpower, knowing how and when to use such energy appropriately.

It therefore gives us the courage to face whatever life has to hold. One immediate red flag was raised on April 12th, the day of the first occultation; an incident at this time indicates that sexual scandal Pluto revealed to the public Moon is one of the levels of manifestation evoked by the occultations.

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That occultation reached maximum effect at 4: Within two hours, a U. She quite understandably balked at this turn of events, and since prostitution is legal in Colombia, the local police backed her up; the ensuing brouhaha brought a scandal of international proportions.

Declinations: The Parallel Aspect Interpretations

Eleven other agents were involved in similar activity but without the parsimony in Cartagena, leading to the resignation or dismissal of nine of them. The subsequent congressional probe has unearthed allegations of similar impropriety in at least five other incidents in four countries including El Salvador, Argentina, and Russia over the past decade or more.

These incidents, and statements made by former Secret Service members, suggest a well-established pattern of such activity, particularly among agents conducting advance prep work before VIP visits.

The catalyst for this revelation was one Arthur Huntington, age Asteroid Arthur is at least as well connected as his terrestrial namesake. Furthermore, asteroid Arthur is in opposition to asteroid America the U.

In an email from the author: Note from Alex Miller: Thanks to Eric Francis for making me aware of the occultations, and serennu. His pioneering work with Black Holes in astrological interpretation began in , when his progressed Sun unwittingly fell into one.

His work with deep space points and asteroids appears monthly at DayKeeper Journal. Alex can be reached for comment or services at glaktix verizon. Working with that aspect has been trying my patience, if not strengthening my resolve; deconstructing a lot of childhood issues.

After reading this article I feel like I better be extra vigilant. Then of course the squares coming up with Uranus… further magnification?

Therefore, a total solar eclipse is effectively the same event as the Moon occulting the Sun. Stars may also be occulted by planets. Occultations of bright stars are rare. In , Venus occulted Regulus , and the next occultation of a bright star also Regulus by Venus will be in On 3 July , Saturn passed in front of the 5th magnitude star 28 Sagittarii.

Pluto occulted stars in , , and , allowing its tenuous atmosphere to be studied via atmospheric limb sounding. In rare cases, one planet can pass in front of another.

If the nearer planet appears larger than the more distant one, the event is called a mutual planetary occultation. An occultation occurs when a minor planet an asteroid , distant object , or dwarf planet passes in front of a star occults a star , temporarily blocking its light as seen from Earth.

A cross-sectional profile of the shape of an asteroid can even be determined if a number of observers at different, nearby, locations observe the occultation.

Occultations have also been used to estimate the diameter of trans-Neptunian objects such as TX , Ixion , and Varuna. A large number of these minor-planet moons have been discovered analyzing the photometric light curves of rotating minor planets and detecting a second, superimposed brightness variation, from which an orbital period for the satellite secondary , and a secondary-to-primary diameter-ratio for the binary system can often be derived.

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The Moon or another celestial body can occult multiple celestial bodies at the same time. Because of its relatively large angular diameter , the Moon at any given time occults an indeterminate number of stars.

However, an event when the Moon occults two bright objects e. The last event of such type was on 23 April when the Moon occulted Venus and Jupiter for observers on Ascension Island. The Big Occulting Steerable Satellite BOSS was a proposed satellite that would work in conjunction with a telescope to detect planets around distant stars. The satellite consists of a large, very lightweight sheet, and a set of maneuvering thrusters and navigation systems.

It would maneuver to a position along the line of sight between the telescope and a nearby star. The satellite would thereby block the radiation from the star, permitting the orbiting planets to be observed.

There are two possible configurations of this satellite. The first would work with a space telescope , most likely positioned near the Earth 's L 2 Lagrangian point.

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