Moon urges you to be careful and realistic in your dealings with other people, both in the personal and professional spheres. What seems a dream come true would benefit from at least a little scrutiny. Money could be a bone of contention. Regardless, it pays to be on your guard.

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You and someone you love may not see eye-to-eye. Going on an outing or excursion could be a good strategy for improving your ties with someone.

At least it will take the pressure off of having to agree or entertain each other.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign, About Sagittarius Dates, Astrology and Horoscope

Your mind is everywhere, bobbing like a buoy in the ocean. You look inward and reflect upon the truths that have nestled in your cells. There are significant encounters with people from all walks of life.

You realize deep down that you have to change your views on a lot of issues or you will be atrophying. You may also be interested in yantra, mantra and tantra and go looking for gurus. You want answers to pressing questions about life, death and the afterlife.

You want the adrenaline pounding. You have had it up to your eyes with boredom.

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You look for adventure and excitement but the world calls, and this could be a busy phase with lots of mental activity. There could be paperwork, business deals and negotiations.

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    However, he officially named GaneshaSpeaks. I want to leave it behind for the betterment of mankind and thus entrust GaneshaSpeaks. Shri Bejan Daruwalla had said these very words, while announcing the succession of his legacy to GaneshaSpeaks.