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The Astrologer

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Nayak's language is always abrupt and elliptical, and his short sentences suggest a pugnacious nature. Choosing a diction is always a challenge for the writer when the characters would have, in normal circumstances, spoken a different language and not English.

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In this instance, the chances are that Nayak would have spoken in Tamil. The language he speaks in English is thus a close approximation of the kind of language he would have used in Tamil.

Rather than seek the assistance of the astrologer, Nayak proposes a wager, with the intention of fleecing him. A bully by nature, his objective is to intimidate the astrologer in order to appropriate his money.

Curiously enough, at the end of the exchange, it is the astrologer who wins the sympathy of the reader. One of the ironies of the story is that in this encounter, the astrologer's "supernatural" knowledge turns out to be the truth, and Nayak leaves after having accepted the astrologer's advice about the future.

Nayak's attitude at the end also affirms an interesting aspect of astrological prediction, at least as it is often practiced: The only other character in the story is the wife of the astrologer, who is also nameless, mainly because husbands rarely refer to their wives by name in the social ethos of the story.

The absence of a name also has the effect of casting her as a type, confined to the house, comfortable with attending to household chores, cooking and taking care of their daughter.

An astrologer's day by rk narayan in Hindi short story for class 12th up board

She is also not from the village - a trivial detail but a necessary one in that it provides the occasion for the astrologer to confess his past indiscretion at the end of the story. Had the wife been from the same village and this would be more typically the case , the astrologer's confession would have been redundant and would have ruined the economy of the story.

The wife is also a means to suggest the overall economic standing of the family, since acquiring twelve and a half annas - a paltry sum by Indian standards - becomes an occasion for celebration.

She also serves the fictional purpose of providing the occasion for the astrologer to reveal aspects of his past and the significance of having encountered Guru Nayak on that day.

Narayan's women characters are not often as sharply defined as his male characters, and the woman in this story is no exception.

In an astrologers day story how do you draw a character sketch of astrologer

She comes across as a type rather than as a sharply individualized person. The very fact that she belongs to the town rather than the city is of considerable sociological interest, although to pursue that would have destroyed the unity of the story.

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Give a character sketch of astrologer

Topics for Further Study. What Do I Read Next? Astrology What is Astrology magic? The idea is to capture astrological power withi … n correspondingimages that are made of materials that have a similitude towardswhatever planet or star you're trying to work with.

What is the day sign in Chinese astrology? The day animal aka the true animal in the Four Pillars of Destinyrepresents a person's inner character and basic personality traits.

An Astrologer's Day Characters

It also represents the adult life and the … married life. What is an astrological day? Its called a Solar Day. This is what is usually simply called "the" day. What does the Chinese astrology day sign in a birth chart mean? It means Yang,as in Yin and Yang system.

Check the link below. And if you see a moon,it means Yin.

An Astrologer's Day Summary & Study Guide Description

Yin and Yang are a pair. Who is the author of the story an astrologer day? K Narayan wrote the astrologers day. How do you compare the characters of the astrologer and guru nayak in An Astrologer's Day?

What is the role of fate in the story An Astrologers day? Fate plays an important role in R. Nothing happens by accident and all human actions have consequences. The entire story is based on an astrologer's sense … of guilt at having stabbed another young man in the village and then having absconded in order to avoid punishment. The stabbing is later seen to be an act of youthful folly.