Some cad is asking for payment for a little favour he once did for you a long time ago. Tell him to go and swim in a shark invested waters. You feel the urge to do something unusual; like going au naturelle whilst doing your house work.

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Someone or something is bound to get an eyeful. October November 22 Lucky Colour: Don't lock yourself up in your little ivory tower. Tell others about your schemes and dreams, and if they stat laughing, start stinging them in places where it hurts most. However pick your mark very carefully, otherwise your stinger might get crumbled in the process.

You could feel energetic on the 12th. Bad luck this is a day of rest. Some of your friends may try and hit you for a handout, tell them you are not a charitable organisation.

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November December 20 Lucky Colour: You cannot rely on others to sort problems. If you let them advise you, you could get really stuffed up.

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Your best bet is to get some spirits to help you out. This spiritual treatment could relax you no end. If however, you start seeing spirits, just invite them in and make them feel at home and toast their health and well being. Be very helpful and friendly towards the end of the month. December January 19 Lucky Colour: You may be pleasantly surprised by rewards for favours given in the past.

Be very alert and do not give in to pleads from friends for you could end up with a nasty case of " fat lip" on the 30th. Don't admit you are wrong, but keep a stiff upper lip; unless you got a fat lip on the 18th. Don't over do the debauching or you could get a pimply face.

Shrewd, calculating, vindictive when slighted? Aquarius Water bearers live in emotional gold fish bowls. Many become lovers with friends in which they have much in common and often fall in love with someone around their work or career.

You have to be interested in their careers because they are not too keen on knowing how your day has been. The more in common you and your love have outside the confides of the bedroom the greater the chances for a lasting love.

Slow going on the romance department, they get by giving off an enigmatic quality, which captivates new comers. They are really quite dull lovers and have occasional bursts of passion. Hates responsibility and confrontations. Pisces Fishes fall in love with love and get very disappointed and have to protect themselves from self-deception.

When really in love no body could be nicer or sweeter. Their awareness of the pulse of life starts to speed up.

Aquarius January 20 - February 19

They love outings, music and romance. The best barrier against being disappointed in love is to look beyond the dreams to study the one you think you love before making a commitment. Nasty traits; Piscean men would like their wives who are ashamed to let their husbands work.

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They seem to have a flair for languages and should make good reporters or television compares. Cancer - June July 22 A strong imagination, kind and sensitive, Cancerian possesses a strong mother hen feeling.

Shrewd and a good homemaker, they are, but they can also be over-emotional, over sensitive, moody and indulge in self-pity. They are easily flattered and untidy. Leo - July August 22 Leo's can be generous, creative, broad minded, ostentatious and a good organiser.

However, in the negative sense, they can also be dogmatic, intolerant, tyrannical, self-opinionated and pompous. Virgo - August September 23 Discriminating, yet precise is the Virgo.

Being exact, neat and tidy obsesses them. They are modest in their success and can be rather, finicky and hard to please. They are born to worry.

Libra - September October 23 They can be charming, like the nice things in life, romantic and refined. Librans can also be a little too idealistic and tactful.

Description of Your Star Sign

They are also indecisive, like flirting, trifling and seesawing through relationships. Others have a great influence on them. Scorpio - October November 22 Scorpions have strong feelings and are rather emotional.

They have a great imagination and sense of purpose. They can be insidious at times and have greatness in sight. They can also be jealous, stubborn, vengeful, secretive and not docile.

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