Use today to find that inner healing and wisdom, and with Chiron being in Pisces, approach the world feeling more whole and at peace. Are you ready to manifest your dreams next year???

Be prepared and stay in the know and learn how to navigate the upcoming Astrology with my Wonder Girl Astrology planner that includes:.

This planner is designed for those who are passionate about Astrology and want to live their best life! You can use the planner to aid in personal self reflection, manifesting goals, spiritual growth and development, or to plan your life, do's and do nots according to the stars! This is the moon we have been waiting for!

This alignment is encouraging you to SAY and DO all the things that were left unsaid and undone just a short time period ago.

It is all about NOW not shying away from difficult conversations just because they are uncomfortable, but in speaking and saying the uncomfortable thing! And once we speak and say those things They are, in fact, much better, much easier, and way more fortunate that we once thought!

That is because much inner and deep transformation has occurred in the meantime. The magic is in the saying, speaking, and unveiling of deeply held truths. Real insights about your life and a new awareness about your situation can occur in a positive way if you just take the leap to say what you feel.

My wonder girl astrology planner PDF version is now available with an early bird special if you pre-order before December 15, Get days of astrology and all of the most important transits for next year and live your best life!

I am also booking readings starting January eclipse season! It is time to understand that, and embrace instead all of the things that DID stick with you and DID make the cut into this next chapter of your life.

They are just as goo If you feel there is still something or someone in your life you need to add in or let go of before making things final, you have ONE WEEK left to make that happen. Next year will be all about building on top of and bringing to success and completion all the things you decide now.

And happy decision making! Venus opposed Uranus two times in the past three months. This will be the last time Venus makes this aspect.

If there are some choices you feel you need to make in regards to relationships and money that have been weighing on you for months, then this video is for you!. You may make decisions that are what you need on the surface..

Scorpio Facts

My recommendation then is to hold off making any official decisions until December 7 at the new moon in Sagittarius, right after Mercury goes direct. You will eventually need to incorporate that new information and insight into your plans in order to make better choices that you will not just feel happy with now, but will also feel happy with later.

There is a good solution to your problems, and a middle way. But the solution must be based on a deep and intimate knowledge of yourself and your situation, with the foresight too of what the future could bring.

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Neglecting to have the hard or deep discussions after giving these choices much thought can lead to you making plans and decisions about your life… that look good on the surface, but are ultimately hollow — a pretty shell! Key deep discussions about your wants and needs, from a much better vantage point, are needed first.

Love it or hate it? I can feel things getting lighter but then also feel moments of frustration. The moon in Leo today too making quincunxes to both Mars and Saturn could highlight those frustrations.

We want to just enjoy life and have fun. But practical progress must still be in made, especially in the physical in order to make this happine Sun square Mars too could make us very impatient. That almost goes against the long-term focus and planning Saturn in Capricorn is trying to teach us right now.

To overcome the tension, learn to enjoy the practical work you have in front of you, and get to doing the things you know you need to succeed. You will only start to feel better once you see the work being done in a tangible way, without getting too lost in all these other distractions. For those asking I still have room for personal readings at the end of December and in January This week Mercury will square Mars and conjunct Jupiter and the sun The square to Mars can bring up feelings of anger or frustration, and could also bring some harsh words shared between you and another.

Know that what you are feeling has nothing to do with things actually happening in reality If you can change your perception, you can then change any negative The conjunction to the sun and Jupiter this week will help you figure out just how to turn your bad fortune if there is or has been any around for the better!

It will all start to hit home too just what you need to do in order to move on into your future feeling way more optimistic, even if some things with relationships and money still need to be re-arranged in the physical. Let go of beliefs that are limiting you this week and step into new ones.

Scorpio Facts

My astrological planner can help with a description and questions specially targeted at helping you navigate this time. Be on the lookout for my planner to come soon! I believe that whenever a planet goes direct, it is typically a positive thing, bringing more clarity and forward momentum around the particular issue the planet deals with.

Neptune is the planet of our spirituality, intuition, past, and inner life. When Neptune goes direct, it gives us a rare opportunity to receive positive insights about our lives, who we are, what we have been through, and where we go from here.


It gives us a chance to heal our It whispers very quietly, and likes to work alone. That is because the matters that Neptune deals with are so sensitive, so personal, and so close to our hearts. So, take the time today to listen to what your spirit, soul and intuition KNOW are true, even if it makes no logical sense.

Your mind could be working overtime to put all the pieces of your life together bit-by-bit in a logical fashion with both a full moon in Gemini, and Mercury retrograde. Sometimes the things you cannot see, touch, or feel matter more. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Home Zodiac Signs Scorpio Facts.

The Scorpio-born are extremely mysterious individuals. They have strong will power and possess the capability to turn the tables around, whichever way they desire. Nonetheless, they have extremely distinct outer appearance. Their sound, isolated inner worlds are frequently storming with perpetual force.

Most Scorpio natives are questioning and possessive, and they can't digest treachery or the slightest hint of no, in their stride. Nevertheless, the Scorpio owns a magnetic charm that leaves many an admirer smitten.

In love, Scorpio makes for a loving, faithful yet deeply possessive or jealous partners. Moreover, to get a brief but informative idea about your life, you may opt for fully personalised Life Prediction — Overview report, which will be prepared by an astute astrologer based on your Natal Chart.

Scarlet, Red, Rust Lucky Stone s: Gold Initial Positive Qualities of Scorpio: Besides, we suggest you to buy Your Astrology Profile report, to know your strengths and weaknesses, which will be based on your personal Horoscope, prepared by an expert astrologer.

Negative Qualities of Scorpio: Scorpio Sign is astrologically associated with the reproductive system of the human body, and also with the human cleansing.

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So, this is evidently, a weak or vulnerable spot, as it is highly sensitised. Most Scorpios require to shield against excessive sexual craving by directing their energies towards creative pursuits.

Travel fever is real. Start researching or better yet—booking your next plans to jet. He finally leaves Aquarius after an extremely long visit, landing in your dream zone on Thursday.

Scorpio Facts - Scorpio Astrology, Traits and Qualities |

This will fire up your fantasy…. It might mean burning a few bridges….

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