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Marriage Career Health Money Q1. When will I get married? Why is my marriage getting delayed Q2. I am confuse regarding Manglik. Clarify on the status. Will I have a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

Long time in Love, Shall I go for Marriage. Manglik Dosh analysis for girl and boy.

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How will be our marriage compatibility. Long time in love. Shall I go for marriage. How will be our Longevity of marriage.

Which is best suitable career choice for me? Should I go for Business or Job. I am working hard but getting no result?

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Why my efforts going in vain? I am struggling with the Job. Is it the right time to Change the Job. What are my future health problems? Is there any accident in future? Why am I facing sudden health issues? What is the duration of my illness?

How will be my financial situation this year? When should I start the new venture? Will I be successful in my business? My partner is creating obstacles in my business, what is the wayout. Should I start a new business or carry on the existing one? Should I take loan this year? Success In Share Market. No of Questions 2 Proceed. Astrology Solution made Simple.

How it works Follow our easy 4 step process for astrological advice in any area. We Share With Expert Astrologers: Experts Workout With Personalize Solution: Complete Analysis of Life Issue. Ask specific questions in detailed below. Full Consultation queries related to all aspects of one's life such as personality, marriage, children, career, health, money, fortune, future losses and gains, good and bad periods are covered.

Our experts follow a structured and intensive quality process: Incredibly Simple We provide a simple seamless process via our portal, to help your get good quality Astrological solutions. Quality predictions Our structure involves repeated accuracy checks to ensure that you are given the most reliable predictions.

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Detailed consultation helps you with: Sadyarshi was unable to decide which would be the best possible career choice for him Analysis: Keerthi had concerns about her married life in future and how her spouse would be Analysis: Abhishek had concerns about his financial situation in future and whether he could continue to support his family Analysis: Complete Analysis of Marriage or Life Issue.

What Does Your Birth Date Say About Your Career 1 to 10 - Birthday numerology by youtube astrology

Sheeba David, Pune Maharashtra. Aseem tandon, chandigarh Punjab. Thankyou very much for your service Abhay Tiwari, Chandrapur Maharashtra. Naresh Choudhary, Pune Maharashtra. Aseem Chandigarh Punjab 24 April, Rohit Chawda Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, 24 April, Delayed marriage The most important house for prediction of marriage is the 7th house.

Delay of marriage is possible if any of the factors are present in the marriage oroscope:.

Horoscope by date of birth

The drishti of powerful planets like Shani: Position and lord of 7th house in chart The lord of the 7th house in one's horoscope should be checked.

Currently running dashas and Sadesati affect The currently running dashas in a person's life and the seven and a half years period of Shani's influence also can be major causes for the non-settlement of marriage in a person's life. Love marriage or arranged marriage It is naturally possible to evaluate and make a love or arranged marriage prediction, after study of one's horoscope or janamkundali.

Specific yogas are present If study of 1st and 7th houses indicates navpanchamyog and saptamyog, then it is beneficial towards love marriage as well. Specific planets are strong in horoscope The 5th house also indicates love.

The above factors are used to makelove marriage prediction, in vedic astrology. Timing of marriage It is possible to evaluate the timing of marriage as well, based on study of themarriage horoscope. Again it is the 7th house that one must look to first in the janamkundali.

Presence of inauspicious planets Makar and kumbhrasi can cause delay.

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The enumerative analysis of the results of this 'sade sati', its neutral and incessant phases, as well as Age-old remedies from the vedas to eliminate the negative effect of this is provided based on the birth details provided and are in a way a part of birth date astrology.

This report acknowledges interesting facts about you, your nature, behaviour, characteristics and personality, the favourable and unfavourable aspects, your strength and weaknesses, and loads of other useful and interesting personal information which helps you make the right decision and choices in your life and lead a more productive and prosperous life.

Apprehensions of planetary inclination in your horoscope, the position and influence of various planets, their favourable and unfavourable, good and bad, positive and negative effects on various fields of your life.

This section of birth date astrology includes predictions for the future and explains in detail that in which direction the stars shall incite you. How they will affect and influence you and your decisions in life. The varshphal or the vedic yearly astrology or the annual horoscope is one of the many executions of vedic based on birthdate astrology exercised to understand the occurrence of future events.

It is more popular in northern India though it is practised everywhere. It is constructed for a year when the sun returns to the same sign and degree as that of its natural position. The birth horoscope or what we call Kundli , is the cast for the time of birth of the person.

The varshphal is however solar based i. It's not just Vedic Astrology but also, very popular these days, Western Astrology which is based on birth date astrology. This branch is based on a persons Sun -Sign.

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Based on birthdate the western astrology defines 12 Zodiac signs, each representing a particular period of time in the annual calendar forming these 12 classes of Zodiac sign. We're here on AstroSage. We wish you have the same experience yourself going through our list of free online reports based on birth date astrology.